Human BEings BEing….

enlightenment quote

Simple, simple, simple……

What IS enLIGHTenment?

BEing Aware which equals Paying Attention which equals BEing Present in any moment that YOU are in which equals BEing in the NOW.

Simple, simple, simple……

Open yOUR eyes, BE where YOU are and CHOOSE to so BE through LOVE*

OY**** I Hear Ya***
Yes, yes, yes, there are times when it’s MORE difficult to “BE LOVE” ‘cuz, well, we are NOT BEing LOVE...hee hee

Ya can’t BE LOVE and BE Fear at the same time in any given moment in our experience of life.

YOU MAY flitter between the two however…YOU are ONLY every ONE at any given time.
We may have tens of thousands of thoughts coursing through our minds in any given day, however…when we focus on ANY thought, we are focussed on that ONE thought in that ONE MOMENT of our focusing…….”The NOW”.

Soooo….we take it moment to moment and withIN each moment IS a CHOICE to BE LOVE or fear.
Soooo…if a moment ago we chose fear…..the very next we can CHOOSE LOVE.

If we didn’t make the choice, we have the next moment……and once we DO start to make the choice, it DOes BEcome easier to so DO more and more and more, even in moments ravaged by fear…..

There IS ONE thing YOU CAN GUARANTEE will happen in life, and that IS CHANGE…so eventually YOU WILL make the choice……and eventually it will BEcome easier to so do.

We DO BEcome more Aware….when we start to CHOOSE to so BE….just like we DO BEcome MORE LOVing when we start to make that our intention, goal, objective, focus until ultimately it is our automatic response to ALL situations in life.

We are, as the saying goes, “Creatures of Habit”……it’s just the way we flow………let’s put our efforts into BEing Creatures of the Habit LOVE.***

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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