How much BETTER can it get?


Human Perseverance.

We tend to ask the question “how much worse can things get” with nary a second thought to the energy BEhind that which we are asking…..the energetic signature which we are sending forth into the sea of ALL and thus that which we are attracting back to our selves.

It is almost foreign to hear let alone ask, let alone actually THINK “how much better can things get” or for that matter, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, to look consciously, with intent for how things are going well, for that which IS good in our lives.

This IS a factor of our Fear based conditioning.

This perspective serves ONLY to keep us down when we find ourselves in these perceived difficult situations, and life in general.

We are taught to come from a perspective of either fear or flight and they ain’t talk’n the kinda flight they should BE, which IS flying to, withIN and through heights of LOVE. Nope, they are talk’n about fleeing the scene, running away in FEAR. So essentially the choices we have BEen taught to live by are fear or….ummmmm….oh ya, fear.

We have BEen taught to lose sight of (not give our attentions to) the stunning examples of how often others and YES, we ourselves actually DO ‘make it through’ the difficult times in our lives, actually DO persevere through incredible odds with grace and gratitude and come out ‘on the other side’ feeling ‘better’ for it, not to mention ALL the AWEsomeness and Miracles of life we experience with every single breath our marvelous bodies automatically inhale and exhale.

Imagine going through our perceived ‘difficult’ times with this presence of mind, as opposed to reflecting back there upon in retrospect.

How different would our life experience BE if we were taught from the get-go to see ALL life experiences – the ‘good, bad, BEayoutyFull and ugly’ from a perspective of gratitude and goodness?

Something to ponder upon, n’est ce pas?

?”It doesn’t take any more effort to believe and stay filled with hope and faith than it does to develop a negative and defeated attitude.” ~~Linda McLean

Better and Better and Better exponentially expanding infinitum Sweet Earth Angels Divine, for ONE and ALL, ALLways. }*{
Bliss _(l)_

Radiating LOVE,

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