How important are BEliefs?


An exercise/ACTivity on the importance of our *CHOSEn* BEliefs:??*with the understanding that a lot/most of our beliefs are not really “chosen” but conditioned/socialized ‘into our brains, our perceptions’ as an integral aspect to our lessons in understanding life as provided by those in our life~~our life teachers.

*Think about your life right now.

Consider the perceptions you have.

Consider the principles upon which those perceptions are founded.

What is it that you believe about life that has assisted you in making the choices that you have about your life right down to your every day ACTivities.

Consider this example:
A person’s choice of what to cook for dinner is based upon what food they have available which is based upon their food purchasing choices which is based upon which foods they believe to be “good” for them.

In thinking about which foods are good for them, the question at this point is to ask, “where did they learn what is considered to be “good” food?” and if ya wanna take it further – which when looking at our own lives IS ALLways HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, the next question is “do they [i] agree [upon conscious reflection] with these precepts of that which goes into the definition of what is considered to be “good food”?

In other words, are the foods they consider “Good” foods, foods THEY actually consider good? Have they put any thought into this decision or merely regurgitated someone else’s meaning of that which is “good food” such as their parents, teachers, friends, culture, etc…?

Okay so having the example we do, moving on…..

Thinking about our life, and all we do regarding that which we BElieve……

What would happen if all of a sudden YOU DID start to question yOUR BEliefs..…….even the really, really “Big ONEs” like what you BElieve the “purpose to life” is really all about for example.

How would the realization that all of your beliefs CAN BE brought into question affect your over all life?

Would YOU still BE DOing the things YOU are DOing if yOUR BEliefs changed?

Keeping in ‘mind’, a BElief IS “nothing more” than a thought……and yet this all pervading thought has a very real causal effect upon the life we experience as that which we call “our reality”.

Indeed, things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

**Key Question to ask yOUR SELF if TRUEly wishing to BE an Authentically Conscious BEing**

Who taught the person who taught you what you believe and then who taught them, back to the source and then…..

IS that source based upon indisputable fact or opinion?

IS there anything that can BE called indisputable fact at all?

Do I [you] resonate with these beliefs, ideals, insights, with the knowledge and wisdom of your life experiences?

Am I [you] basing that which I [you] believe in, upon self discovered, researched, experienced facts and truths withIN my own life, or are they based upon that which I [you] have been taught by another and integrated into my self definition without any consideration into their inherent harmony with my [your] own ideals, truths, experiences, wisdom, etc…?

yes, yes, yes, the things that DO make ya go hmmmmmmmm

In so pondering, reflecting here upon are we providing for SELF vast amounts of opportunity for growth, healing, and thus transcended ascension into our Authenticity.

Blissings unto each of we upon our pathways of ascended growth into the homo luminous being of our inherent divine nature.

Radiating LOVE,

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