How far down the rabbit hole do we need to go?

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go

Your thoughts…..please and thank YOU. 😀 _()_

How far down the rabbit hole DO ya wanna go?
To release our fears, heal our insecurities, relieve ourselves of our stresses….
how far down the rabbit hole should ONE go?

To release our fears….heal our energy blocks….ALLOW for the Light of LOVE that IS our Unity to flow smoothly, DO YOU BElieve, think, feel, intuit we require facing our fear from:

  • more of a detached observation,
  • experiencing the breadth of our fear – going right into it, or
  • can we simply CHOOSE to BE LOVE??

IS there ONE right answer for everyONE?

There are indeed a plethora of avenues by which we may face our fears, everything from trance dancing to enLIGHTenment Guidance, ;D Meditation, Visualization, Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Art Therapy, Massage, Reiki, and the list it DOes go on and on and on. 😀

I would LOVE to hear from ANY who have any thoughts, insights, words of LOVE’s wisdom, and/or experience regarding facing, releasing and healing from fears.

I have found in my own practise, journeying with Angels [clients] coming to me for enLIGHTenment Guidance [life coaching], for example, that to face the fear IS to – in some way, on some level, experience the fear…….in other words, in order to release a fear of let’s say spiders, ONE must bring to their conscious experience [even in hypnosis], the fear they have of spiders and thus the feeling, experience, even if only internally, thereof.

In other words……there appears to BE no escaping from the actual experience of the fear- on some level…even when CHOOSing to BE LOVE…for in order to make the choice to BE LOVE, ONE needs to experience/feel/see/acKNOWledge the fear first, or there would BE no need to CHOOSE, ‘cuz ya’d just BE, BEing LOVE.…….n’est ce pas.

Thus the question….can we simply CHOOSE to BE LOVE, without facing our fears, and have them released as a result? Can we heal from our fears, release any energy blocks that occurred by simply choosing to be love all the time, or DOes the process of healing require facing our fears?

And….if we must face our fears… what extent???

IS it enough to have an ‘academic’ understanding of them or DO we need to actually feel/experience the fear, which IS in truth nothing more than a thought that causes aversive emotional reactions. In other words, IS it enough to think about our fears from an analytical, detached perspective, or DO we need to go to the extent of feeling it too?

How far down the rabbit hole DO we need to go???

It IS a question I am asking having spent most of the summer going through some of my own “inbred” childhood fears that were definitely nurtured through out much of my young adult life.

Assisting others IS ONE thing, going through ONE’s own fears academically, another thing, facing yOUR fears sporadically or more on a piece meal basis, part by part IS definitely NOT the same as diving right in and really having a look around…and yet still, in ALL cases YOU are having to go through yOUR fears…..having to experience the feeling of the fear as opposed to merely releasing it. It seems that to HEAL there IS no way of getting around the experience of the fear from which YOU are seeking to heal…….however gentle, minuscule, or detached it may BE….it still IS.  In other words, if you have a fear, to release it, you must know what it is you are releasing, you must face it, if it is there.  The only way to not have to face a fear in order to release it, is to not have the fear in the first place.

Well, I gotta say, it makes purrrrrrfect sense to me NOW why my natural inclination [my Personal Legend/profession/raison d’etre] was towards TALK based healing……amongst the MOST gentle means of facing ONE’s fears and thus HEALing the energy blocks that keep us from leading the fulfilled lives we ALL deserve to live.

If YOU are seeking to heal, and would like some gentle guidance to assist you in your journey, get in touch with me directly by clicking the link below in the “Author Bio” section. 😀


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2 Replies to How far down the rabbit hole do we need to go?

  1. Great questions, very worth pondering. The answers, I suspect, will lead us to more freedom, higher clarity, brighter light.

    I think that to deny a thing gives it power. So if I am afraid to share my heart and I deny that fear, I’m using energy in the denial, It’s like having to dig a hole, to bury the fear, and then it somehow works it’s way out, and I have to use more energy to bury it again. That energy I expend strengthens the fear.

    So what’s better? Maybe it’s better to simply leave the fear where it lies and walk away. Or maybe it’s best to see the fear so that I can let it be set ablaze by divinity’s healing flame. Or maybe it’s sometimes necessary to pick it up and carry it away, to find the place where I can lay it safely away.

    I think the best answer does differ, that the approach best taken depends on the age of the fear and the amount of time we’ve been carrying it around or reburying it. And I think it’s usually necessary to address the fear from a higher place of awareness. Here is where it helps to have help. Whether from an earth angel or one divine (or are they one and the same?), sometimes another can help us to unbury, reveal, burn, and lay the fear to rest. And be free.

    Much love to you,

  2. brain says:

    Much LOVE to YOU Sweet Angel Stevie Ray. 😀

    Soooo very blissed to have yOUR ONEderFull words of LOVE’s wisdom here upon our blog, shared with & for the BEnefit of ALL.
    Sooo very blissed and greatFull to YOU for journeying the adventure through and for answering the ponderings brought forth, thank YOU*

    Big Hugs of LOVE and blissing of Light actualizing yOUR intentional desires and HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.
    Radiating LOVE,

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