Healthy Choices changing the world


Time for some Pondering Play:

Okay soooo here I AM a professional in the Wisdom and Wellness field and have BEen assisting Angels [individuals, clients] to, amongst other things, live a Healthy Lifestyle.

Here I AM, KNOWing the in’s and out’s of Healthy Eating yet still, CHOOSing to “treat” mySELF to what I KNOW to BE Unhealthy eats…even though I DO LOVE and enJOY the Heathly ONEs.

IS it a good thing that we have these UNHEALTHY CHOICEs available to us in the first place?

Keeping in mind our “Freedom to CHOOSE” and others “Freedom to CREATE”.
It DOes BEcome a bit of a conundrum….a HAPPY Debate if YOU will….an Excellent Opportunity for………


Let’s take this a step further……..
What about our entertainment??
We’ve got sooooooo many shows and movies and songs and other creative expressions BEing shared with the Majority of WE that are to say the least, NOT necessarily that which lends itSELF to the development of the Healthiest Mind.
For example: watching someONE get tortured, ripped to shreds or mutilated in some form or another leaves me asking the question:

Are these shows, which we deem to be “entertainment” really assisting us?
IS there existence really something we need???
IS it contributing to our overALL well BEing and HAPPYness?

Again…..keeping in mind of course, the “freedoms” we ALL hold onto sooooooooo ardously – Me included!!!

I AM a fervent supporter of individual’s rights to expression….but……what kind of expression are we promoting here? Would it even exist if there weren’t predecessors as examples thereto?

What are your thoughts on the subject matter?

It DOes bring to the surface the question of what IS defined as “healthy” and “unhealthy” in ALL realms of our experience of BEingness….from the foods we eat, to the medicines we ingest- plant based vs chemically synthesized vs recreational, to the entertainment we enJOY or simply get lost withIN, to the work/careers/means of survival we partake withIN/have available to us……..really LIFE itSELF.

There IS sooo much that can BE seen as healthy on one hand and unhealthy on the other…..then again….there are certain things that we KNOW are simply ONE or the other.

What Positive Affects DOes Heroine have for example?
I understand from what I have heard, read, seen, that those who DO partake therein enJOY the “high”.

Okay, so that would BE the “positive” except that ONE could likely find that high through another means that DOes NOT have the potential of DEATH attached to it…….a potentially drawn out, long, torturous death at that.

So in the case of Heroin, just as our example hereIN…..IS it really a question of “Balance” or….IS the Balance in this case CHOOSing something else altogether that IS HEALTHY….in other words, the CHOICE of Balance BEcomes more global in this case, and instead of how much of this particular drug to use, it BEcomes which particular drug of ALL drugs to use, if any at all.

From here, we have the question, IF there are certain things we KNOW are simply “bad”, should we even BE making them available at ALL?

Again, I AM NOT eluding to a “police state of GOODness” [hee hee hee] as I DO BElieve it a simple response of basic economics…if we quelch the demand the supply will simply ‘dry up and die’ as it were. 😀

In other words….as more and more and more of WE BEcome Aware of just how BEneficial BEing Healthy and “Balanced” TRUEly IS to our overALL well BEing, longevity…..and more apropo the horrific ramifications of what NOT BEing Healthy has cost us…….that suffering from aches and pains and deterioration IS actually a result of these unhealthy options we have available to us….. thus shall more and more and more of us BE making the HEALTHIER CHOICEs and thus shall the unhealthy ONEs naturally dwindle to extinction.

Still……in order for this to BE, DOes our education, information, and awareness need BE increased, expanded upon [as our internet has made so readily available] and thus DO we engage in ONEderFull Pondering Play 😀

***Amazing factoid for ya……Natural products that are less processed, [which we KNOW the MORE Natural/Raw, the BETTER for ya], cost LESS to manufacture, produce, etc…and yet, cost the consumer MORE in the store.

In other words, that which IS unhealthy for us IS easier to access than that which IS healthy for us.

In other words, we need to WAKE UP and START DEMANDING HEALTHIER Alternatives [which we see by the way sprouting up ALL over BEcause we have BEen waking up and demanding healthier alternatives] so that Healthy CHOICEs are the norm, NOT the exception, so that EVERYONE can afford to live an easy, shmeazy, breezy long life of health.:D

la la la la LOVE!

ISn’t it “ironic” to BE completely facetious, that governments across our globe are NOW [& have BEen so attempting for YEARS] attempting to make growing our own gardens ILLEGAL???!!! Not to mention forcing those whom are so DOing legally – our farmers, to use product that are KNOWn to BE toxic to our health – namely Monsanto.

Yup, yup, yup….lots of waking up…..lots of growing up….lots of habits to break and healthy ONEs to reinstate….for ALL of WE…..ME included. 😀

**Special Note** on that ONE….when I, as in me, Roni, say “We”, I refer to me, as in I, Roni, included thereIN. 😀
I AM, as much as ANYONE, DOing what I can do rehabitualize my unhealthy habits….to let go of negative, fear based conditioning, from products I consume to emotions and thoughts I ALLOW my mind to entertain, to …….and on and on it DOes go. 😀
Hence why I have dedicated my WHOLE life to so DOing……just in case YOU were ONEder’n. ;D  

la la la la LOVE***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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