We ALL have aspects of SELF we would like to “improve” upon, or HEAL if you will. 😀

Whilst focusing on the Positive IS ALLways the BEST route, we need KNOW what it IS we are readjusting our focus from, when readjusting, realigning, retraining, healing if you will, is required, n’est ce pas?

Most healing in our lives is of the perceptual kind- how we are choosing to view life. In order that we allow our self to alter our conditioned mind set of fear into one of love we neet to recognize which of our thoughts are fear thoughts, know what they are so that when they do arise within our minds we are triggered to automatically replace them with a positive thought. This of course means, ya gotta know that thought rather intimately so as to recognize and thus heal it, n’est ce pas?

Okay, sooooo let’s take a few moments to highlight SOME of those very things withIN/about SELF we would like to HEAL/realign/readjust/retrain out of fear and into LOVE. [**note I said “some” – best to focus on less and focus well, than attempt a complete overhaul in one go…..baby steps. :D]

Here are a couple of examples we can use for demonstration purposes:
*snarky remarks/come backs,
*needing to prove you are right
*low self esteem regarding physical appearance

Once YOU have pointed out the things you need to heal, [you can do silently in your head, write them down, etc….] upon waking in the morning, before we going to sleep in the evening, and as many times through out your day as you wish, take a moment to consciously state in the POSITIVE, affirming “I AM” statements with relation to you and these specific fears you are healing.
[again you can write, state silently in your head, outloud, etc….]

Once again for demonstration purposes, using our examples:
I am Patient
I am going to practice patience today

I am Loving in my speech
The words I use when speaking with others are loving, uplifting, empowering words

I am compassionate
I am open to other’s perspectives
I am going to let go of my need to prove myself right
I am going to let go of my egoic pride and welcome compassion
I am going to put light, love, friendship, and family before pride

and of course we can get as detailed and go as deeply into these I AM statements as we wish as everything is connected and therefore multi-layered……

These statements do NOT have to be the same through out the day, and you don’t need to make more than 1 positive affirming statement for any specific healing aspect of self if you want to simply repeat using the same one.

The choices are INFINITE. 😀

The point IS that we are making the choice at all to heal……and taking ACTion to let go of fears, embrace love and thus LOVE SELF and therefore BEnefit ALL. 😀

BLISSedly BE _(l)_*****

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