Get out of your head and into your heart.


“Get out of your head and into your heart.”,

what exactly DOes that mean?

Am I not in my head, heart and for that matter every part of my physical body?

When I think, feel, or act, DOes my brain not emit neuroelectrical impulses whilst simultaneously, my heart arterial pulsations which each radiate through out the whole that is me?

We are a WHOLE functioning BEing.

External situations stimulate internal responses including thoughts and feelings we give our attentions to. [and as it were, vica verca – our thoughts and feelings give rise to external situations. :D]

The thoughts and feelings stimulated by external situations then stimulate associative neuropathways that have been established from past experiences.

These stimulated neuropathways fire associative electrical impulses within our brains, as well as our hearts which radiate down our spine through out the whole of our being, with specific associated ACTion directions for our bodies, including our brains [thoughts and feelings] contained within these electrical impulses.

It has BEen found that withIN the heart are “brain cells”, in other words, in our heart you will find that which has been determined to be our “thinking”/commanding head quarters, otherwise called “neurons”.

Who IS to say that “negative” fear based thoughts originate in the brain and “positive” love based thoughts in the heart?
If I am thinking negatively or positively IS not ALL of me affected equally?
DOes my chest/heart not feel constricted when in a state of panic or fear….when thinking such stimulating fearfull thoughts?
DOes my heart not feel open, light and airy when consumed with thoughts of bliss?
Which IS thinking what?

If I am running am I standing still?

What DOes it mean to “get out of your head and into your heart” then?
Metaphors, analogies, but TRUEly what DOes it mean?

Can YOU get out of yOUR fingers or yOUR toes? Stop the electrical impulses whether from yOUR heart or your head from pulsating to any one specific region of the body?

Why have we NOT to our feet relegated our central focus, as – ask any reflexologist and they shall tell you ALL parts of our physical BEings have withIN our feet their nerve endings….evidently a very special relegated position indeed.

Metaphors and Analogies, we find ourselves often times getting lost therein and forget to which they are TRUEly describing/meaning.

“Get out of your head and into your heart”……

……We have given the head the brunt of responibility for our fear and our heart our love and yet when feeling/thinking either fear or love, we are never thinking/feeling both- [we are only thinking one thought at a time]…….and furthermore all that is who we are is affected by whatever it is we are choosing to give our attention to in any given moment…..from our head to our heart to every single one of the 100 trillion cells in our entire being.

This metaphor in TRUTH is simply our way of saying “let go of your fearFull thoughts and allow loving, positive thoughts to be your focus.

Let’s not get so lost in the metaphors and simply get down to the basics.

Fear based thoughts, anxieties, stress, worry, negative skewed thinking negatively affect our entire BEing….period.

This IS scientifically proven, as much as IS positive based thinking positively affecting our overall homeostasis state of BEing.

So at the end of the day the very simple message IS:

DO whatever YOU can to assist yOUR SELF to BE HAPPY, to focus on the positives in life, to CHOOSE the perspective that brings YOU the greatest joy, the impetus to DO things that bring YOU even more joy, as opposed to those that inspire self degradation.

That’s it, that’s all.

There are ALLways an INFINITE number of ways of looking at any situation and in each infinitisimal moment the choice of which of the infinite perspectives we shall choose to focus our attentions upon.

This choice then affects the physically manifest actions we take in our experience of BEingness which of course creates a domino affect……..ultimately creating what is that which we call, ‘our life’.

C’est tout.

Radiating LOVE,

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2 Replies to Get out of your head and into your heart.

  1. [ Smiles ] Excellent information and straight to the point!

    Thanks for sharing this great post, my friend.

  2. brain says:

    Thank YOU Angel }*{ for coming by, journeying, and sharing in your experience thereof. Blissed to hear that YOU resonated and enJOYed. 😀

    Please DO share with ALL you KNOW.
    The more we enLIGHTen, the greater the numbers of we who are “in the KNOW” and putting forth the efforts and energy to manifesting life as intended to BE for ALL of WE, living as the ONE Universal Family we are. 😀

    Namaste _(l)_
    Radiating LOVE,

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