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***Who YOU CHOOSE to BE with, what YOU CHOOSE to DO, how, when, where and why ALL affect the YOU that IS expressed and thus experienced by SELF and ALL. CHOOSE Love.


***”Learn How to Be HAPPY with What you HAVE while you PURSUE all that you WANT” ~Jim Rohn

Having sublime gratitude and thorougly enJOYing where YOU are/what YOU have in yOUR NOW IS NOT “settling” unless YOU stop striving, pursuing, DOing towards yOUR realized goals.
BE and DO in Conscious Awareness:D


***LOVing SELF starts with HOW YOU are CHOOSing to TALK to SELF....the words YOU use when addressing SELF, the thoughts YOU think when pondering SELF, and thus the feelings YOU feel towards SELF.?? There IS NO Relationship that YOU will have with ANY ONE that IS as Vitally Important, as Deeply, WHOLLY requiring of yOUR Attention, Awareness and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, than yOUR relationship with SELF.
It sets the stage, tone, experience for ALL others.

LOVing SELF IS the Grrrrreatest Gift YOU CAN give to anyONE, you give to ALL of WE. 😀


***What’s the difference between someONE who IS Happy and ONE who IS not?
What’s the difference between someONE who considers themSELF successFull and ONE who DOes not?

Perception babay…..
Mind Focus
Interpretation of Life
Flip of the Mind switch and EVERYTHING Changes. 😀


***What IF……it’s ALL coming together purrfectly, in each and every way imaginable for each of WE, fulfilling our HIGHest HAPPYness? Something worthwhile our pondering upon, n’est ce pas?

***Morning Mantra:
I consciously CHOOSE to focus my Mind’s attentions upon ALL that IS Positive, Good and BLISSFull in my life. I consciously CHOOSE to Openly Welcome and Receive ALL the bountiFull Gifts that Life has awaiting my embrace to continuously fulfill my HIGHest HAPPYness.
Today IS the BEST DAY Ever. :)

In consciously choosing to accept all the ONEderFull, bountiFull, abundant gifts of positivity, LOVE & Light, opportunity & deLIGHT the Universe~Life~Source~Energy has for me, I consciously CHOOSE to release myself of any of my fears, stresses, anxieties and insecurities.
I Consciously CHOOSE to TRUST that ALL I require and desire IS provided to and taken care of for ME.

So BLISSed it IS.*

Radiating LOVE,

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