Follow the Yellow Brick Road


Go into it!

You’re pissed……..find out why…..

Ask your self what you are soooo angry about….what IS sooooo horrible……and then “follow the yellow brick road”follow the horribleness through to its logical conclusion of how YOU DETERMINED it to BE “sooooo horrible”…..

and then,

1. Ask yourself WHY YOU CHOSE to Determine it to BE “horrible”?

What DOes whatever it is you are thinking about, that IS ALLOWing for you to feel angry, say about you….to your self? In other words, if what you are angry about IS “X”, ask what the “X” in your life says to you, about YOU.
In addition to simply looking at “X” from a detached objective perspective.  Would you determine “X” to be that which you have as an outsider to the situation?

2. Then, see……..if what YOU HAVE DETERMINED it to say about you, really IS……
…if there may BE another way of looking at it…looking at you…..looking at your interaction with “it” – the situation, idea, person, feeling, thought……
…if there may BE a more global perspective through which you may BE viewing your entire life, ONE that IS seeing ALL……and in so DOing,

3. Consciously CHOOSing to look for a GOOD one……and then

4. Reassess if what you detemined to BE soooo horrible, really IS.

Getting Pissed IS yOUR own way of telling YOU that YOU are ready to LOVE SELF by BEcoming Aware of where YOU are not. 😀

Nothing is anything until we make it something… is possible that which you are upset about is something you are making out of nothing into something, and the something you are choosing to make it into is something negative when it just as easily – as it is nothing to begin with anyways,- could be something positive you are making instead.
Catch ma drift??

Big, big hugs of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sweet Angels _()_

**of course ya DO KNOW we could just bypass all the investigations, pondering, analysis, roller coaster ride, mysterious adventure and jump straight to the grand finale and simply choose to BE LOVE from the get go.
Just say’n….** 😉
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