Expanding Consciousness

Seeing through the eyes of LOVE

As we grow out of fear consciousness and into love consciousness so too shall our expressions of LOVE for one another and that which we deem to BE “culturally, socially, morally acceptable displays of our affections” towards one another.

With our fear extinguishing and LOVE growing, displays of affection between the sexes, withIN the sexes, across the gamut of relationship types shall increase irrelevant of sexuality or sexual interest.  We shall just BE more LOVing with ONE another– platonically….respectFully…..and yet, more expressively. 😀 as are some of we, ALLready. ;D

Of course, this shall BE a NATURAL progression and anyone forcing, judging, or otherwise not accepting where an individual IS in their comfort zone, either way: being more or less affectionate…… IS only displaying their own lack of acceptance and comfort with SELF, their own feelings of BEing judged and of judging themself therefore as a result. Funny thing about judging……no one can judge us if we are not judging ourself….and in not allowing/perceiving another’s judgement of self BEcause we are in a state of SELF LOVE, we shine a light of LOVE unto those that are judging to see that in Truth, they are judging self.

A special note as we journey this adventure of ever expanding consciousness and the choice we are making to BE LOVE is to BE accepting, embracing, compassionate, understanding, allowing, respecting of members of our Universal Family whatever dimension, level, understanding, consciousness paradigm, expression of BEingness they may BE experiencing.

BEing LOVE IS BEing LOVE all~ways.* [YES***we Are getting there.***}

This is a journey we are adventuring….enJOY the ride…..

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE

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