Endings and Change


There IS much fear inducing talk regarding the ascension of our lives as they relate to this year, 2012, the cosmic alignments occurring, and “The End of the Mayan Calendar”. Thing is, that which IS ending IS our very relationship with none other than fear.

If as it so happens, a relationship, lifestyle choice, or career change occurs, it IS BEcause this relationship, lifestyle choice or career was NOT serving yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness.

If our world as we know it changes, which for the majority of we, ever growing by the minute, is a huge desire, these changes occurring shall be changes to a system that has been to our detriment and not our benefit.

There is NOTHING to fear about things ending…..if they are ending it IS BEcause they are NOT serving YOU.

There is nothing to fear about the changes happening in general whether they be with respect to our global system or within our own individual lives. If something IS changing it IS changing for the BETTER.

Let us focus upon the fabYOUlousness and positive abundance that are beckoning to us, awaiting us to ‘make room’ for and embrace their LOVEliness into our lives, instead of putting fear into a situation that IS DOing the very opposite thereto…that IS HEALing us of our fears, remembering how we CHOOSE to perceive, receive and respond to any situation has as much to DO with the outcome fo that situation as the instigating events of the situation itself. 😀

I will leave you with a perfect example, I send forth blissings communicates this truth.

I had been working as the acting Vice President of Communications for a company for over a year whilst the actual VP of nearly a decade was away on leave. Within weeks of her return, I was fired, which at the time they called “let go” for political reasons. I was “let go” because I had done such an awesome job, showing that if the VP actually did her job appropriately there was no need for the 2 positions we upheld. It was me or her, and obviously we know how that turned out.

On my drive home from the very abrupt dismissal, I remember stopping at a red light and looking up into the infinite sky and saying, “okay, what have ya got in store for me now?”. True, whilst in the walls of the company I was in a state of shock, and whilst emptying my desk and office space, I do admit to tears escaping my eyes, however, the overall response was one of gratitude for what was and an innate knowing that something better was awaiting my embrace, and it was……..Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary.

Had I chosen to fall victim to fear, had I chosen to freak out that I was a single mother reliant upon myself with another human being reliant upon me for their sustenance and well being, I may never have heard the call to open Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, and we may never have been here today, sharing in this very experience of BEingness together.

Blissings unto ONE and ALL, a life of HAPPYness experienced in conscious awareness where fear has no breath and love infinitely abounds.

Radiating LOVE,

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