Conscious Co-Creation


Either we are or we are not co-creators.

If you say we are, [which ancient wisdom, scientific research and simple deductive logic have PROVEN to so BE] then make the choice to so BE…….in Conscious Awareness.

We have ALL BEen co-creating BLINDLY by FEAR.……..allowing the conditioning of our minds by those who stand to gain from such, to be our all pervading focus.

We all want change…..?And we have ALL heard by now, that Change BEgins withIN.

THIS IS the “How”…….??by consciously CHOOSing to realign the mind withIN thoughts of LOVE instead of Fear…….by Consciously pARTicipating in the co-creation of our experience.

What thoughts are you giving attention to?

“What are you worried about today?
Rather than worry about it, would it not be a better use of your mental time to visualize a positive outcome?
Use your mind in this way today and you will have tapped one of the most extraordinary tools God (LOVE, Energy, Soul, your HIGHer Self) has placed in your hand for the creation of your tomorrows.” ~~Neale Donald Walsch

Let us take a Conscious Moment right NOW and place our focus on our lives, on all the things going on in our lives and as we DO, CHOOSE to look for the POSITIVE.

Wherever there may be something that is “not working out” as we would like it to, let us in this NOW CHOOSE to put our mind’s energy focus into thoughts that what IS, IS for our highest happyness. Even though we may not be able to see it, can not understand it, in this very moment, right NOW, let us put forward the energy that, that which IS, IS manifesting fabYOUlousness in our lives.

Let’s stay here for a moment, in this feeling that EVERYTHING IS GOOD in our lives.


Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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