BEing Right or BEing LOVE


Do you think you can?

Let go of BEing right in place of BEing LOVE?

Let go of pride, comparison and competition so to allow “Ego” to be a conduit of LOVE instead of Fear?
This IS a biggie…….if we can DO it……when we DO it…..ahhhhhhhhh what ONEders and Joys shall ALL BE***

Shall we give it a test drive……try it out for a day….see what happens when we let go of our need to be right, acknowledged and/or recognized by others? Shall we allow ourself to simply BE – [almost like fading into the background, simply responding to life as it presents itself, knowing that which presents is of love, for love, through love, whilst we ourselves are BEing an ever brilliant sparkling, twinkling presence of love] KNOWing we are a Divine BEing of LOVE’s Light – just like EVERYbody……quieting ourselves – our rantings and ravings in our head of what’s fair, what’s right, what’s just and simply let it all go and just BE LOVE……..

Whaddya say???
Shall we?

“Less and less do you need to force things, until you finally arrive at non-action.
This is the message of the Tao Te Ching, and it is true.

Werner Erhard has taught, “Life will resolve itself in the process of Life Itself.”
Byron Katie says that liberation is “Loving What Is.”
And Stephen Mitchell calls non-action “the purest and most effective form of action.

The game plays the game;
the poem writes the poem;
we can’t tell the dancer from the dance.”

Perhaps the best thing you can do right now is nothing at all. [except BE LOVE that is 😉 rsl]

Love, Your Friend….
Neale Donald Walsch”

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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