BEing Relaxed, Manifesting Magic


Ya KNOW that feeling you feel [we ALL feel] when everything IS just right…….
Ya that feeling……..

BEing Relaxed.

Not ‘relaxed’….I can’t get off the couch, I’m sooooo relaxed feeling….but ‘relaxed’…whatever ya want to do is cool feeling. ‘Relaxed’, let’s take our time and enJOY our experience right here and right now, whatever it IS we happen to find ourselves DOing right here and right now feeling. ‘Relaxed’, I have no worries ‘cuz life IS AWEsome and ALL that I require and desire is taken care of, provided for, and available to me in comfort, ease and joyfulness feeling.

YA……that “Relaxed” feeling.

That’s the feeling [of BEing RELAXED] we want to foster in our every day lives, ‘cuz that’s the feeling, the vibrational frequency, the energetic current of welcoming, embracing, and allowing the ONEderFull and fabYOUlous to manifest in physically actualized conscious experience in our lives.

This IS one of the reasons why meditation is soooo powerFull and really any ACTivity withIN which we pARTicipate that fosters a RELAXED FEELing, and there are MANY. In fact, there are as many onederfull ways to foster this feeling as there are individuals in this world, for unto each of we IS our very own unique experience of BEing relaxed and that which inspires BEing relaxed in our lives.

Soooooo, what are YOU DOing to “Feel Relaxed”?

Please DO share, as yOUR unique way of feeling relaxed may just BE the inspiration that another one of our universal family members requires to find their own special way.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

If you are seeking your own special way of achieving this “Relaxed” state of BEing and requiring assistance please see the “About the Author” section BElow for contact details to arrange your personal one-on-one journey with me today.

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