Achieving the purrrfect Balance [Part 2]

The following IS an except from my book, “Radiate Soul Light”©™

My struggle with balance, with living a ‘spiritual’ [love based consciousness]  vs material existence, is one I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Heightened of course, once I left the sanctuary of my parent’s home to venture out on my own.

Suddenly, I was completely responsible for my well being, my food, shelter, clothing. There was no one else to provide for me, but me. Ensconcing myself into my hobbies and personal crusades was no longer as easy as it had once been. Suddenly, I was put into a situation where I had to put weight upon the importance of my survival vs. my desires, the force of my intuitive drive.

This drive of course, being of a spiritual, humanitarian nature. Again, for as long as I can remember, I faced the same life affirming question:

“how was I to achieve the spiritual within a capitalistic economy?”.

Our world is not one that sustains upon a barter system. I needed money to survive, yet was wholly against capitalistic ventures whose only goal was to increase the capital gains of the individual.

How was I to find the balance?

Well, I’m not sure if you could say I ever did, at least not until now that is. 😉
At first, I worked within the corporate world. I was making pretty good money for a young single gal who just left her city, let alone her parent’s home. I had a pretty good social life, actually it was excellent. Partying all the time, good friends, a very understanding boyfriend, albeit completely detached from the rest of my life. Life was pretty cool, except. Except, I was stagnating. I was not feeling fulfilled by my work, I was not feeling worthy, because I was not a positively contributing member of society, at least not in my own eyes. [heart, soul, BEingness]

Then, I met my son’s father. Suddenly, I found myself immersed within the theatrical and life sizzled with passion and excitement. I was doing something unbelievably cool, something unbelievably worthy, a play for the people, an enlightening message.
What a cause, what a crusade.
I shan’t speak to the service I paid or didn’t, to myself. I emerged from the experience a very successful Theatrical Producer. A very successful, poverty stricken Theatrical Producer.

Unfortunately, ‘the underground’ albeit filled with unbelievably meaningful projects, worthy of your time and dedication, is not overflowing in greens. Although I’ve got to tell you, after the experience within the corporate, I was happy to fulfill this role. Like most things in life, {at least for the moment!!!}, the ‘commercial’ is rewarded for their ‘shallow’ gifts, whilst the spiritual, left to the ‘underground’, unseen by the masses, permitted tolerated existence.

It remained like this for many years.

Until, I succumbed. I re-entered the corporate and made money again, actually it was even greater than before. Although all things relative, I was no longer a young single gal, out on my own in a different city. Now, I was a young single mom, back in her city of birth. I had my son and a beautiful apartment, bought a car, sent my son to the best camps, ate sushi on a regular basis, bought loads of groceries. You know how it is. Well, if you don’t, you’ve dreamed about it.

Ya, I got all this great stuff, and you know what, I was living in HELL!!!

I don’t think I have ever been as stressed, depressed, exhausted, or completely saturated within the one thing I have always detested most, the capitalistic world of the material. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

It was awful.
I was so unhappy.
I had no time to enjoy all that I had the resources to so do. I was always too busy, there was always another project, another business trip, another rush to get from A to B. There was no rest. I lived, breathed, relieved work.

I lost out on so much wondrous time with my most sacred blessing, my son. Even when I was with him, I wasn’t really present, not most of the time any ways. And he felt it, he showed it, and we both ‘suffered’ as a result of my ‘cushy, secure, stable life of luxury’.

Honey, there ain’t no luxury, no-matter how much dough you’ve got roll’in in, if what has it roll’in, is eating up your insides. If you aren’t fulfilling your Personal Legend, it matters not what you surround yourself with, you can’t hide from the truth of who you are, you can’t escape yourself!

You know where this is leading don’t ya?

I couldn’t take it anymore, I almost lost sight of all, and coming back [after leaving my corporate position behind] has been the most glorious experience of my life, but I’ve got to tell you, there were some extremely painful shrouds along the way.

When I speak to losing “sight of all”, I speak to losing faith, belief, hope, motivation, desire, dedication, and loyalty, to myself and the Universe, and therefore, all of you.

It’s been rough, it’s been enlightening, it’s been intensely painful, it’s been courageous, fearful {insecure, anxious, depressing}, FREEING.

I am.

I stood face to face with her, the manifestation of myself as created by the disassociated, individually motivated, capitalistically single-minded temptress of our society.

I know who it is I am.
I love who I am.
I think she’s a pretty cool chick, if I do say so myself.

And it is I; body, mind, heart, EGO and SOUL, who sits here, writing to and for you all.

It is I, on my pathway to healing, I, who has come face to face with some of my greatest oppressors, some of my scariest demons and triumphed, in the name of LOVE.

And now, now that I have discovered who I am, what my purpose unto this earth school is, my Personal Legend, I am doing all that I must, to fulfill it, and honour the woman I know myself to be.
This means holding tight to my beliefs and my faith.
This means doing what ever is necessary, dedicating myself as steadfastly as I had in the past, for those capitalistically driven individuals, within whom I did not believe.
Facing my fears on a daily basis,
spending time alone with SELF,
recognizing my weaknesses and loving them.
Standing tall on my own,
not depending on another but upon every other,
and the collective love from the Universe
showered unto me through YOU, for doing what I know I must, for the BEnefit of ALL.

And here’s the gloriously amazing thing about all this.
The clearing upon my pathway as I pulled, one by one, the vines of my Ego’s pains, revealed the most glorious radiance of light, and love.
It was SOUL, my soul, your soul, our soul.  It was Agape [unconditional] LOVE Consciousness.*

It was, no it IS, the realization that anything and everything is possible and you know what,


You can read Part 1 of “Achieving the purrrfect Balance” here.

Stay Tuned for Part 3**

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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