“1234” that’s what I keep seeing on digital clocks. ??Soooo I came up with the following, ONEdering if YOU receive any POSITIVE insights to add…. 😀

Here we go:

1234 happyness is in store

1234 open to gifts galore

1234 welcoming more and more positive abundance

1234 opening the healing doors

1234 fear is no more

1234 it’s the end of war

1234 manifesting all I adore

1234 LOVE DOes pour through every cell of every pore of ALL that IS

Got any your self?

[See BElow for explanation into significance BEing touted re: # sequences]

ALL numbers as with ALL things can BE seen/interpreted/attributed meaning to, ranging the infinite spectrum of possibilities.

If someONE sees for example the # 13 as bad luck, so shall it BE.
If on the other hand someONE sees it as good luck, so for them shall it BE.

“11” which IS growing in popularity of late, has ALLways BEen for me a Good Number and in the last few years an ever increasingly GOOD Number signifying the doorway to our transcendence.

Granted in order to transcend must we let go of that which DOes NOT serve us, which can entail having to look at that which DOes NOT serve us straight in the eye, and therefore in conscious awareness let it go.

The outcome of course, IS a heightened perspective of LOVE’s Light.….a “Lighter” overALL feeling of ONE’s BEingness and thus where we ALL wish to BE…..living a life that IS BlissFully serene. 😀

Coming back to numbers for a moment….

Whether one BElieves in the significance of numbers means MORE than whether or not that significance is valid, holds true to scrutinizing testing, is a truth shared by many or just a few, etc….

The significance that we place onto anything affects how we shall respond. How we respond affects that which IS made manifest.

Thus, if seeing for example, repeated numbers on your digital clocks makes you feel connected to the Universe, then that interpretation serves a higher purpose of love that benefits all…..whether proven true or otherwise.

The question then BEcomes more about what interpretation YOU are CHOOSing to attribute to ANY of life’s situations as opposed to that which any of life situations may reflect to others.

To elaborate…..
If you keep seeing “11:11″ or “12:12″ or “12:34″ or “3:33″ etc…and every time YOU DO it makes you think of how you are connected with ALL, energy, source, our fellow humans, planet, etc…. and this feeling IS ONE that makes you feel empowered, loved, purposeFull, then when you do see the number sequences, because you think about them as you do, they will act as a trigger/motivator/stimulator/propellor of SELF LOVE. They will elicit GOOD FEELings from you.
This will then affect HOW you are BEhaving, and thus interACTing and affecting others.
All those whom you shall come into contact with shall be positively affected BEcause of your positive state of BEingness.
They then shall each take that little bit of YOU that YOU shared with them, that of course stimulates/motivates/propels/elicits good feelings in them, with them through out their day and thus withIN all of the interACTions they shall have with others on that day.
This then………okay, I think we get the message, yes?

For me, seeing 12:34 repeatedly [and other repetitive number sequences]– as I CHOOSE to take nothing for granted, to see synchronicities instead of merely coincidences, IS symbolic of a harmonizing balance of my BEingness withIN and therefore connection with ALL as a result.

For me, seeing 12:34 – even if only my subconscious choosing to entertain and tickle my fancy, IS a ONEderFull demonstration of my SELF LOVE and how much more graceFully interwoven into manifest BEingness it IS.

1, 2, 3, 4, We are embracing the grace of LOVE Consciousness more and more and more*

Radiating LOVE,

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  1. paul says:

    Hi dont really know what to say, been seeing repeated numbers for years, decided to investigate, now it seems I live my life through these numbers, need to understand more.

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