YOU are Appreciated _(l)_


Did YOU KNOW how LOVEd and Appreciated YOU are
by?the Universe~god~yOUR HIGHer Self~yOUR Soul~ALL???


Even if ya aren’t where YOU think YOU should BE,
even with ALL yOUR perceived f*#k ups…..
YOU are sooooo deeply LOVEd and Appreciated
BEcause YOU CHOSE to BE**
and thus DO ALLOW for the flow of ALL~Soul….expression through YOU**

Okay….soooooooooo LOV’n the synchronicities:
This IS what I received from Neale Donald Walsch today:

On this day of your life, Roni, I believe God wants you to know…
…that you are making a difference, whether you know it or not.
So have no doubt about that.

You did it again yesterday.
The way you touched someone’s life just yesterday made a difference.
And you are always doing that, do you know that?

Yes, yes…your smile, your encouraging word,
your willingness to just be “present” with another,
has touched people in more ways than you realize.

I only tell you this today so that you never lose faith.
Faith in how life is moving through you — and how
you are moving through life.

Your Friend,


Soooooooo COOL***

BLISSedly BE Sweet Earth Angels Divine,
Radiating LOVE,

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