YOU ARE a POWERFull Creator!


A tragedy IS a tragedy BEcause we say it IS so…as IS true of anything & everything we experience in this lifetime…this is our POWER!

It IS by the importance we attribute to anything, the meaning we provide to it, that we affect our overall experience of it…. “everything with a grain of salt”….there is no need to take life so seriously when it is WE who decides what IS serious in the first place

We CREATE our experience of life through the choices we make in our interpretations, sooooooo, CHOOSE to stay calm and relaxed, objectively detached. CHOOSE to give meaning to life’s experiences that lifts YOU up, motivates, inspires, empowers, assists and enLIGHTens YOU. CHOOSE to interpret through the eyes, heart, and BEingness of unconditional LOVE.

Blissedly BE
the TRUTH of WE
Light Energy Radiating LOVE
Earth Angels Divine
ONE Universal Family

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


it’s good to BE embraced in LOVE ~~ available to ALL of WE by simply CHOOSing to BE ……..LOVE :)

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