Water IS Gas, We are Water, We are Gas


K, first of ALL…..

How often DO YOU Ponder upon the FACT that WATER which IS 70%++ of what WE ARE, IS made up of GASes……Hydrogen and Oxygen GASes!!

“Oh my goodness!” Right??!!!
We are just BIG Gas BEings!

hee hee hee
ha ha ha

Pass any gas today???
ha ha ha
Takes on a totally NEW meaning now, n’est ce pas??
Passing gas would BE passing another BEing…..actually it would BE, simply……BEing 😀


Secondly…….the following piece by my friend Sri David, demonstrates how intricately – like the fact that we are gas for example-, connected and interconnected, WHOLE we are with ALL that IS, and how AFFECTing each of we IS to this WHOLE. Further more Sri David demonstrates how we CAN CHOOSE what kind of affect we wanna BE to the WHOLE, to which we are a part and thus are we both affecting and effected…..ALLways.


Thank YOU Sri David for sharing yOUR insightFull words of LOVE’s Wisdom with and for the BEnefit of ALL of we. _()_

~~~~~~~~~~~Article “Individual and Cosmic Life” by Sri David~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have seen that life has two aspects, absolute and relative. We have also seen that the relative aspect is only the expression of the absolute phase of life, which is the omnipresent, unlimited, unbounded ocean of pure consciousness or eternal existence. This unbounded ocean of eternal existence is said to be cosmic life, and its expression in the relative field is called individual life. Thus it is found that the absolute state of life corresponds to cosmic life, and the relative states of life correspond to the individual life. Individual life is the expression of cosmic life, just as a wave is the expression of the ocean. The ocean, while remaining the same, is affected by every wave and its activity.

If a stone is thrown into a pond, waves are produced that travel throughout the pond. Every wave produces effects in every part of the pond, resulting in some influence or other. Similarly, the wave of the individual life through its activity produces an influence in all fields of the cosmos. Life is one continuous and homogenous whole from which rise the waves of the individual life without breaking the continuity and all-pervading status of eternal absolute BEing. The entire creation is the expression of that cosmic life and all the innumerable laws of nature carrying out the process of creation, evolution, and dissolution, in different parts of the universe, are all the diverse expressions of the one eternal law.

What is Life?
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