[Video] Who is “I AM”?

Radiating Love with Roni Lipstein show

“Radiating Love with Roni Lipstein” show – Recorded Live on 11/19/10
When I ask “Who are YOU?” YOU respond, “I AM…..” If YOU are “I AM” and I AM “I AM” then Who IS “I AM”?
Roni speaks to our transcending consciousness, CHOOSing to focus our MIND’s attention upon the subtle aspects of our BEingness, on the fundamental, energetic, quintessential TRUTH of who we TRUEly are and the magnanimous affects and effects this shall and IS having upon the ALL that is WE. Today’s show IS dedicated to embracing and emBODYing our recognized realization of SELF TRUE, the WHOLEistic WHOLEarchy to which we are ALL party, to which we are ALL ONE.
BLISSedly BE Sweet Earth Angels

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2 Replies to [Video] Who is “I AM”?

  1. Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting and closening words and energy in this beautifully heartful video.

    Spinning in the subtle wonders of I AM…

    Love and giggles,

  2. brain says:

    What LOVE filled giggles of deLIGHT it brings to my heart to have yOUR fabYOUlous “I AM” energy frequency blissing ALL of WE here on our Souls Talking Brain Blog Angel Stevie Ray :)

    Big {{{{Squeeeezeeee}}}} Hugs of LOVE & Gratitude to YOU Angel and BLISSings ALLways for yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness manifest in our eternal NOW :)

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