True HAPPYness comes from…

Psychedelic Meditation  To Manifest the Soul, Spirit & Mind

“True HAPPYness comes from within.”

What DOes that mean?

It means in life we have an INFINITE Number of ways of Perceiving, Receiving, and Responding to…Life.

It means it IS of our CHOOSing HOW we shall so perceive, receive, and respond.

It means that it IS up to US to pay attention, BE Aware and make Conscious CHOICEs to see through the eyes of LOVE.

It means it IS we whom are Response Able for living a life of HAPPYness.

As long as we are evolving out of our fear based conditioning, as long as children are BEing born into a world where they are taught to be “carefull” to be fearfull, to be competitive instead of Aware, Loving and Collaborative, it IS up to us to BE focused in our attention, to BE MINDFull of our thoughts and thus the feelings and ACTions they inspire and are inspired by.

There will come a day when thinking LOVingly, Positively, Optimisitically shall BE “routine”…when BElieving in yOUR neighbours GOOD Will, will BE common place, when the assumptions we make of others will BE of their LOVE’s Light, when the Light of our Harmonized LOVE will flow through each and every ONE of we unobstructed by fear and our Heart’s/Soul’s/Higher SELVes will BE expressed WHOLLY through our physicality.

There will come a day when BEing LOVE IS our habit, our conditioned perception, reception and response.

We are the “agents of this change” manifesting….it IS ALL of WE whom are ushering in this new perceptual reality, this elevated consciousness that BEnefits TRUEly the ALL that IS WE, WHOLEarchically.

We are the ONEs that are making the shifts in our physical BEingness to ALLOW for the free flowing Light of our quintessence to stream through unobstructed and constructively to our physically manifest form…..and as long as we are in this transitionary state of transformative ascension, DO WE need to BE Consciously committed, dedicated and persistent in realiging the Mind & retraining the brain out of the fear based conditioning and into the Light of LOVE that IS our TRUTH.

BLISSings unto ALL of WE, for CHOOSing to BE in this NOW of softening hearts, quickening minds, and transcending fears for it IS WE whom are so providing the BLISSFull reality we ALL wish to BE for the BEnefit of ALL today, tomorrow and ALLways.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

***** It’s time for each of WE to BE the I in ME we LOVE our SELF to BE. *****

It’s time for each of we to shine our brilliance, to LOVE SELF and share that ONEderFull Gift that EACH of us IS with ONE another.


YOU ARE 1 in 6.8 Billion hahney!! Ain’t another ONE like ya!!!!

YOU ARE a Miracle of LOVE’s Light, a Miracle of Divine Creation, Look at YOU with ALL yOUR 100 TRILLION cells- YOU started out as just two microscopic cells withIN the physical vessel of another BEing, 2 little itty bitty rays of light that CHOSE to merge together and ALLOW for yOUR BEingness to BE and Breathe the Gift of Life physically.


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