The Quintessential Reality of our Co-Creative BEingness


Just for today, for ONE DAY, let’s put our worries away, let’s just MAKE PRETEND that EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY OKAY & see how that CREATEs.

Sometimes taking the “Big Leap” into “Faith”, “BElief”, our Quintessential Energetic Reality of Creation can BE a little scary.   Start Small.

Taking the “Big Leap” into releasing our FEARs and BElieving in our Quintessential Energetic Reality of Creation starts with ONE STEP.  Start.

To start, and take the “Big Leap” from FEAR to “BElief” eventually into simply BEing, in our Quintessential Energetic Reality, start by MAKING PRETEND for ONE day that ALL IS Okay.

We have BEen taught to BElieve in ONLY that which we see..for generations….NOW let us BEgin to trust in that which is unseen, just TRY.

Who KNOWs the unseen may just BEcome…….seen :)

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE

*****For those seeking assistance in cleaning, clearing, unblocking their FEAR based conditioning, YOU can set up yOUR OWN Personal HEALing Journey with Roni via *****roni {@} 1isall {.com}*****

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