The end of time As We KNOW it.

Multiple Dimensions of Consciousness

Just when we think we really understand something, we really KNOW what’s going on…….BOOM….another stunning revelation of even greater depths, on an even more fundamentally quintessential level IS revealed.??THIS IS the transcending evolution that we are ALL experiencing & hearing about regarding 2012 and “The End of Time”.?? We exist upon Multi-Dimensions of CONSCIOUSNESS.

We’ve often heard it said, that we are multi-dimensional BEings, that there are multiple dimensions… our familiarity for example with 3-D = 3 dimensions. 3-D IS NOT some “other world” our “outer world” or “alien world” or “parallel world” out there somewhere.

It IS US…….INSIDE of US……..the different ways by which we interACT with, understand, perceive and communicate with ALL that IS around us, that IS what IS referred to as the “multiple dimensions”.

Just like a “regular movie” and a 3-D movie…..without the glasses ya can’t see the 3-D effects…….but…….THEY ARE still there!

Just like our waking state and dream state….ya don’t experience either in either and yet…..YOU are experiencing BOTH, and BOTH exist withIN yOUR experience of BEing YOU.

This IS what IS meant by Multi Dimensional…….no whooohaaaa, hokey pokey, magical mystical “stuff”…..just, simply….{yet intricately, BEaYOUtyFuly, interwoven in majestic detail & complexity} US!

This evolutionary journey we are ALL hearing so much about, towards which there IS sooo much controversy, IS BEcause we are CREATing out of something very simple, something very complicated…..’cuz it just doesn’t compute to our fear conditioned MINDs that something soooooooooooooo unBElievably SMALL, like a shift in our consciousness, [which IS really quite huge at the same time, remember, like watching a regular movie vs 3D] CAN cause such a HUGE, unBElievably pronounced shift in our entire experience of BEingness that ONE could even say…….“the world IS going to end as we KNOW it”.…..and then ALL the fear mongering it DOes ensue…….

No need………

“As we KNOW it” IS the key in that phrase that IS often left out when we hear fear mongers speaking of the “end of time”. As we have KNOWn it to BE, as we have BEen using our faculties to interACT with SELF, each other and ALL that IS, how we have BEen perceiving, receiving, and responding IS changing….”coming to an end”. Like putting on yOUR 3D glasses changes how YOU are interACTing with/viewing the movie. It ends one experience and BEgins a new movie viewing experience. Just like we are currently DOing with the movie we call “life”.

As we BEgin to TRUST MORE in SELF….in the more SUBTLE aspects of SELF… the little, quiet, stillness of our “KNOWing”, of our FEELing, we ALLOW for the COMMUNICATION from SELF to flow more readily and thus DO we BEgin to understand, to SEE more clearly the TRUTH that we have ALLways KNOWn but have BEen too afraid, [conditioned to so BE], to BElieve……[like the AWEsomeness that IS ALLways there in a 3D movie, that ya may NOT BElieve IS there ’til ya put on them glasses. :D]

It’s actually quite amazing indeed to realize just how unBElievably aware, in tune, KNOWledgeable, capable, fabYOUlous, CONNECTED WE ALL really ARE to each other and ALL that IS.

and it ALL BEgins with LOVing SELF. 😉

I tell ya I LOVE having these little twinkles of insight, revelations & reMINDers, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
I LOVE that YOU are there for me to share them with YOU!
Thank YOU soooooo much! _()_


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