Tenacity in Transcendence: the dance of SELF LOVE

Eenergetic Frequency of We

Recently, I mySELF have BEen bombarded with a stream of consciousness that was just NOT letting up.

It was highly unusual for me and I simply could NOT comprehend WHY I was unable to lift the heaviness that plagued my mind.

I AM most accustomed to the monthly onslaught of negativity the hormonal influx upon my biological make up incurs, especially having BEen diagnosed with PMDD ALLmost a decade ago, ONE’s awareness IS that much more heightened, not to mention my ‘Personal Legend’, my life’s profession.

I AM also most AWARE that my RESPONSE within the Light of LOVE to these onslaughts of negativity have BEcome that much stronger and the voice of negativity that much smaller over this last decade. So…., it was quite surprising when not only was the onslaught of negativity this past month as loud as a sledge hammer by my pillow, but that the hammer kept banging away long & extremely hard there after, relentlessly attacking my emotional and mental well BEing!

Kundalini Rising, Healing, Balancing, BLISS

Of course, in that which I DO professionally and have dedicated my entire life, lifestyle, BEingness to WHOListically, IS “Wisdom & Wellness”~ Healing of the physical BEing & any & ALL illusory fears associated thereto, aligning the physical with the spiritual, the Mind with its natural homeland, the Heart, I have quite the dedicated library of resources, experience, KNOWledge and KNOW how to assist me, and so it BEgan.

Through the library catalogue I went, ONE mantra after the next, ONE exercise after the next, ONE internal conversation, meditation, ACTivity, after the next, like flipping through the index cards in a library, my Mind kept bringing forth ALL the wisdom, KNOWledge and experience of my lifetime to assist, uplift, empower and enLIGHTen me, and still…….the thoughts, the feelings of negativity, of heaviness persisted.

Until, that ONE…..the latest in a long line of awakening, transcending consciousness paradigms, in embracing the TRUTH of WE as ONE Universal Family with everything that IS, ever was or will BE. No, it was NOT a new ONE, but the level to which my understanding, my acceptance thereto, YES! most definitely new, and with it, new revelations as a result.

Amazing ISn’t it….just when we think we have full grasp, complete understanding of a subject matter, circumstance, situation, we find our SELF traversing even deeper into the infinite depths of authentic AWAREness available ?

Collective Consciousness

I remembered NOT ALL thoughts are our own, and then following this paradigm, realized, more aptly stated, ACCEPTED, that NO THOUGHTS are our own, in fact, NOTHING IS TRUEly “our own”. The individuals we BElieve our SELVes to BE, to whom we cling so righteously, so careFully, so tenaciously are in TRUTH, really NOT. There IS NOTHING about any of WE that IS TRUEly ours and ours alone…..well outside of the fact that this amalgamation IS occurring withIN our individuated experience of BEingness 😉

NOW, ya gotta understand ONE thing about me BEfore we continue any further……my entire life, I’m talk’n from BIRTH, I have BEen an AVID proponent for Individuality. I’m talk’n getting into HUGE FIGHTS over a person’s individual rights, which I still stand by to this day, however…….when viewed from a more quintessential, fundamental level of our BEingness, EVERYTHING CHANGES! [our understanding pertaining thereto in this instance]

From the bodies we embody to the thoughts we ponder, nothing IS really, TRUEly “our own”.

Our bodies are an amalgamation of our ancestry, dna passed on through the generations to CREATE the BEing we are, causing predispositions to like certain foods, and not like others, to walk in a certain way, to think certain thoughts, to have certain feelings, coupled with our environmental upbringing, where we are further conditioned by those in our immediate and intimate circle of experience. Look at how you hold yOUR SELF when sitting, walking, talking and then…..look at yOUR parents.

Look at the community within which YOU grew up, the community within which YOU CHOOSE to associate yOUR SELF right NOW and the perspective from which YOU view life…..notice any similarities?

For example, I bet if ya grew up in India, YOU would regard life from a much different perspective than ONE who grew up in let’s say Australia or North America or Russia, n’est ce pas?

Let’s get even more detailed, if ya grew up in a family of vegetarians, how DO YOU look at the world, what IS yOUR understanding of our eco system compared to ONE who grew up in a meat eating home?

What about the very breath of life we each inhale and exhale on a continual basis, each breath we exhale out into the sea of ALL is transported and part of the molecular make up of the air someone else shall inhale and vica verca. The very energy that ALLOWs for us to BE, IS shared with EVERYONE! We are a product of ONE another for as long as infinity!

WOW Right??!!!??

Coming off of this paradigm, whilst out playing with Shaman, [I seem to have a lot of revelations whilst out playing with Shaman…what a BLISSFull JoyFull Gift IS he!] I was questioning why this horrible heaviness was NOT leaving me….why I was having the continual onslaught of thoughts I was, especially when I knew logically they were illusory, and had used every resource available to me and then…..it dawned on me…..

The infinite connection between Parent & Child

My son, going through his “teenland angst” was in a particularly heavy place of late and of course, BEing his Mom, we have a most deeply reaching connection, physically yes, but quintessentially more so…on an energetic level of BEingness. In other words, he can BE feeling something, and whether within my physical vicinity or not, I will feel it or have a KNOWing that he IS feeling something either positive or negative, just like that…I will just KNOW.

Well, this time, I didn’t “just KNOW”, I “just FELT”, and BEcause I didn’t KNOW, I gave the feeling I was having my own interpretation, my own explanation, which was of course, my own fears.

Upon the dawn of this realization came the dawning of another realization, ONE that I had ALLready acKNOWledged mind YOU….my sister. My connection with my sister IS also VERY deep & VERY strong. TRUTHFully, my connection with those closest to me runs rather deep and strong, an Intuitive Empath by birth, the energetic chords I have with those whom I care most deeply for, with those most intimate in my experience of BEingness are rather wide and open receptacles ? In other words, I ALLOW for their energetic flow to course through my BEingness, something we ALL DO with everyONE and everything to varying degrees, just that some of us are aware thereto and some NOT. When we are aware, we can detach and when we are NOT as I was NOT with my son this last month for example, we can lose perspective & objectivity.

In the last month there has BEen a lot of movement with respect to my sister and her health, dealing with Ovarian Cancer NOW for 5 years, she IS currently preparing to BEgin a new treatment due to some newly detected growth. The process she and each of we in her intimate circle go through IS, as I am assured ALL can understand, rather intense, albeit maintained within a Positive Light of LOVE, calm and peaceFullness…. the internal stress DOes still manifest.

Sisterly LOVE

I have however, BEen completely aware that something has BEen up with my sister, long BEfore she actually mentioned anything. I AM, since her diagnosis 5 years ago, obviously that much more AWARE of her energetic flow through my BEing, and of course, since her mentioning of the new growth and treatment, that much more conscious thereto, and thus that much more detached and objective in my own thinking. In BEing in a position of detached, objective, conscious awareness, [unlike that which I was withIN regarding my son], we are able to CHOOSE which thoughts to listen to, to “make our own” and thus which feelings to follow, we BEcome the co-CREATORs as opposed to merely the conduits for other’s expressions. Of course in some cases, it IS simply best to NOT ALLOW ANY flow of another’s expression through SELF. [ie: abusive relationships] Some refer to this as cutting the ethereal chords of our energetic connections with others. Indeed, though we may physically separate SELF from another it IS ALLways a grand idea to consciously disconnect on ALL levels of our multi-dimensional BEingness…including the unseen energetic frequencies thereof. This can BE DOne through a simple exercise of our deliberately directed consciousness ?

Coming into the AWAREness of that which was occurring energetically, coming from sources external to and yet coursing through SELF, I finally understood why this month had BEen so heavy for me, and was able to release the hold of negativity assuaging my mind’s attentions more easily. Indeed, CHOICEs of ACTion were taken as well, to speak with my son and sister that the energy flows that were BEing received were dealt with at source ?

Though we are NOT TRUEly individuals – completely unique unto SELF, we ARE still pARTicipants, co-CREATors in the majestic Art of Life with the ALL that IS, IF of course, we so CHOOSE to BE ? There are an INFINITE number of thoughts we can draw upon to call “our own”, and when we are consciously aware, we can CHOOSE to claim ownership over the GOOD ONEs ?

Blissedly BE
the TRUTH of WE
Energy Radiating LOVE
Earth Angels Divine

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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