STOP Struggling NOW!

Badges of Honour

Why IS it that we wear our struggles like badges of honour instead of our BLISS??

There IS NO NEED to Struggle to KNOW BLISS.
There IS NO NEED to wallow in darkness to KNOW Light.
WE ARE Light and Bliss.

Let’s stop giving out stars for “making it through” the “hard times” and instead PRAISE ALL for making ALL times GOOD times, for CHOOSing LOVE… IS afterALL, WHO WE ARE!

The dawn of our new consciousness will Celebrate BLISS!

I KNOW, I KNOW….I’ve DOne it mySELF…..sing the ‘ol sob story, ”look and see what I have travelled through, the hardships I have suffered, feel for me, see how AMAZING I AM for surviving through the suffering, for BEing here considering ALL I have had to deal with….oh, oh, oh, whoa-is-me.”

Thing IS, in so DOing, singing our ‘ol sob stories, we forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing of ALL…..

“I AM” IS an INFINITE ONEder of LOVE soooo Magnificent, soooooo Amazing, soooo fabYOUlous simply BEcause I AM IS!

There IS no need to PROVE how Amazing we are……there IS simply to RECOGNIZE how Amazing we are.…there IS simply to alter our perceptual outlook and see the ONEderFull Gloriousness that IS YOU, that IS ME, that IS WE!

We tend to make excuses for, or, give struggling a “gold star”, to make us feel better for having ALLOWed SELF to wander through such a ‘struggling’ pathway in the first place, BEcause INTRINSICALLY WE KNOW……ALLways has it BEen, ALLways shall it BE, ALLways it IS of our CHOOSing….and WE CAN, ALLways, CHOOSE to see, think, feel, BE LOVE!

Deep Breath……….
Deep Cleansing, Healing Breath……

How remarkably freeing it IS to KNOW, to “feel free” to BE the LOVE that we KNOW intrinsically IS the I in ME, the I in ME that IS WE, that IS ALL, that IS LOVE!


In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Radiating LOVE
Roni <3

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