New Years Resolutions for our Physical Body

LOVign SELF, see the BEaYOUty that IS

Ok, right NOW, go to the mirror and have a look at yOUR body. Forget about the things YOU wanna change, instead look at it, at this body, this masterpiece of symbiotic, creation as the Miraculous complex synchronicity of LOVE it IS.

It’s that time of year when so many of WE decide to make “resolutions” to change things about our SELVes we don’t like into things we DO. We are very good at this by the way, have YOU noticed? Talking our SELVes down, noticing ALL the ways we need to improve, better our SELVes, BEcome MORE?

So much so, we tend to lose sight of ALL the things we are actually GREAT at, ALL the thing we actually really, really LOVE about our SELVes, ALL the things, we ARE.

Well, this year, let’s NOT fall into that SELF loathing trap – we ALL KNOW what happens to most of our resolutions…..for some it’s a day, for others a week, a month, but for most, eventually, sooner than later, unfortunately, they fall to the way side. Why?? BEcause we are starting from a SELF DEFEATist position, from a position of SELF LOATHing, and that ain’t no motivational cheer leading section we got going on in our brains NOW, IS it??

Who wants to BE told day in and day out how awFull they are?
How many of us are the ONEs telling this to our SELF?

Okay, so let’s brush off the knees, stand up tall, shoulders back, tummies & butts flexed and go stand in front of that mirror and instead of looking for ALL the flaws, ALL the things that aren’t like the poster model YOU are aiming to emulate, or the inherited traits YOU wish YOU didn’t get, or the things others have made comments stirring self conscious feelings regarding, look at this physical vessel that YOU are standing within, that YOU are able to BE here upon this Earth School BEcause of, experiencing the life that YOU are experiencing, BEcause YOU are standing within it, looking out of its eyes. Look at this amazingly complex artistic masterpiece of creation in the awe inspired, humbled, honour it deserves, for giving YOU the GIFT of Life itSELF :)

Ya wanna KNOW a little secret…..when ya come from a position of SELF LOVE, ALL those resolutions YOU were sooooo dedicated to achieving for that day, week, or month…..they happen.….ALL by themSELF…without any resistance on yOUR part whatsoever….no battles with yOUR will power, no motivational cheer leading self talk necessary to get ya going, YOU just start to DO what it IS that IS necessary to achieve what it IS YOU want calmly, naturally, serenely, ‘cuz YOU are LOVing YOU, YOU are BEing LOVing toward SELF :)

BLISSedly BE Sweet Earth Angels
Soooooo humbled the honour that YOU CHOSE to BE 😉

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein



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