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Maturity…..IS NOT about getting older…….that’s just…..well, getting older. ;D

Maturity IS about the “reconstitution” of our Authentic SELF [our playFull, infinite, joyFull Light of Agape LOVE- how we come to our Earth School in the 1st place…..’children of the Voice’ of LOVE….Aware at Play] wisened to and thus BEing consciously response able with/for the illusions of our physically manifest BEingness upon our Earth School.

In other words…..

Maturity IS:

*BEing Response Able in Conscious Awareness from the perceptual viewpoint of our Authentic BEingness which IS LOVE.
*Consciously choosing to use our ability to respond from and through love.
*Consciously aware of the infinite choices that are available, including those that are NOT of love, that are of fear.
*Consciously aware of the fear based conditioning that our Universal Family of Earth Angels Divine have been subject to over the last many millennia of our existence.
*Consciously aware of the infinite choices of perception available to us, the good, bad, beyoutyfull and ugly and consciously choosing the ones that authentically make us feel good.

Consciously Aware, Equipped, ResourceFull, Wisened, Experienced Children of the Voice of LOVE at play, for the BEnefit of ALL. 😀

***la la la la LOVE

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