Manifesting Mantra

Manifesting Abundant Gifts of deLIGHT

To TRUEly prepare SELF for this Manifesting Mantra, which ONE may repeat as often as so desired, take a few moments First to GROUND yOUR SELF in Conscious Awareness:

Bringing our focused attention to our breathing, take a few moments and several breaths to allow SELF to BEcome consciously aware of the inhalation and exhalation melody of one’s own breathing. Allow your self to become immersed within your breath from the rhythmic fluctuations to your body, chest and belly rising and lowering, to the sound of air as it enters and exists your body, through your nostrils and mouth.

ALLOWing SELF to take a moment and BEcome Conscious of our Breathing, we take a few deep inhalations and exhalations intentionally directing these breaths through the breadth of our physical BEing:

~ we inhale through the nose down to the very pit of our tummy and send forth the breath down to our tippy toes. Stay with the breath as you imagine it passing down through out the breadth of your body, and then when you have followed it all the way down to your toes…..

~ we exhale, [through nose or mouth as per preference] we allow the breath from the WHOLE of our BEingness to go, from the tips of our toes right up and out through our chests and all the rest of us, as we BEcome like a raggedy Ann doll….limp, relaxed, calm, peaceFully serene, ‘empty’.

We DO so BEing Aware that these breaths taken in conscious awareness are thus of LOVE’s Light from our Earth School, our Auric Light, and BEyond, whilst knowing simultaneously as we are receiving are we giving unto ALL as we send forth our own Breath and thus our Light.

ALLOW your self to FEEL the connection with ALL that IS in this interplay of BREATH, of air, which TRUEly IS the conduit of light that is all….air, space, energy….the ‘ALL’ that makes up Each and every One of We. :)

**This is the “secret” to manifesting anything….

~Understanding our connection to all: knowing the truth that we are all connected, believing in what we know, trusting our selves, and acting upon what we believe because we do not doubt it, we believe it, because we trust our selves, we trust what we know intrinsically, and which has been proven scientifically, logistically, and experienced physically.

We are connected to everything, as such who we are, how we are, what we choose to be in this world, in our lives, in and through our selves has very much to do with the actual experience of life we have, in fact, co-creates it.

Manifesting Mantra

Inhaling Deeply: I inhale the White CREATing Source Light of ALL that IS, of LOVE, into the depths and through out the breadth of my BEingness.

Exhaling Deeply: I exhale the White CREATing Source Light of LOVE into the CREATION of my Heart’s* desires in manifest experiential physical form.

Inhale & Exhale: I AM the White CREATing Source Light of LOVE.

***Heart’s*  ~~ feel free to use “Soul’s, “Higher Self”, “Authetic Self”, “True Self”, “Divine Self” or any other word that translates the FEELing that is conveyed in this statement as it relates best to yOUR experience thereof. 😀
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