Love = Self Love = All Love = One = All = Love

Self Affirmation Statement

EnJOYing life, no matter what yOUR external situation IS ALL about LOVing SELF……period.

ALLOW me to clarify please.

LOVing SELF in the Purest Sense of Awe Inspired, Humbled, Honoured, Unconditional Agape LOVE, IS YOU BEing LOVE. If YOU are LOVing SELF, and thus BEing LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE, period.

Soooooooooo, when yar NOT…….”BEing LOVE”…….it’s ‘cuz yar NOT LOVing SELF… some way….on some level…….from some perspective. YOU are CHOOSing to see YOU as something other than YOU ARE….which IS a BEing of LOVE’s Light.

Without insulting any whom have achieved so BEing WHOLEistically…….the better part of ALL of WE DO this……have aspects of SELF we DO NOT LOVE…..we are NOT BEing LOVing towards, we are BEing critical of, judging, putting down, instead of rising up.

We even go so far as to focus ALL of our attentions on making these parts of SELF we don’t love, WORTHY of our own LOVE for SELF.
Funny huh?? How we are ALLways trying to impress…..our SELVes! Wow……

We could just as easily BE focusing on ALL the parts of SELF that WE DO LOVE……and here’s the funny thing that happens when ya DO that…..

take a moment with me to ride this experience:
Finish this statement

“I AM . . . “

with 5 different conclusions ensuring ALL of them are fabYOUlous statements of Positivity……

Here are some examples to inspire:

I AM Goddess/God
I AM Sweet, Kind, and Generous
I AM Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness
I AM BlissFull FulFillment
I AM Courage, Confidence, and Compassion
I AM Patience, Intuition, Empathy and Consciousness
I AM Creative, Expressive, Collaborative, Entertaining
I AM Priestess, Princess, Queen and Witch/Shaman, Prince, King and Wizard
I AM Success, Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity
I AM Intelligence, Brilliance, Spontaneity, Adventure and Fun
I AM fabYOUlous ACTive Listening
I AM humbled, honoured, awe inspired, attentive, involved mother of an Amazing, ONDerFull, Generous, Kind, Considerate Loving young man.

NOW….read over yOUR 5 statements…..ALLOW your SELF to “sit” within their TRUTH……let them embrace YOU…..let your SELF BE embraced by them. 😉

Here’s that funny thing that happens……
when we DO this…..ALLOW our SELF to focus on the things about SELF we LOVE, our self loving thoughts create feelings/emotions centered around them, which affect our general MOOD/outlook [on self, the specific situation one is in, life in general], which ultimately affect our outwards, physically manifest ACTions within our surrounding environment.

So…..a quick demo:
If we’re thinking any of the thoughts on our positive affirmation list of self love, we are embracing this thought and thus the accompanying feelings that arise as a result. When we are walking around thinking for example, “I AM LOVE”…..what happens when we interact with the world thinking this?
We ACT like We are LOVE,
We BEcome LOVE.

Which means that ALL the things about our self that we don’t LOVE….without ANY attention paid to them whatsoever…..without a second thought to them at ALL……simply DO NOT exist…..they go away ALL by themSELVes BEcause we are CHOOSing to concentrate on the us we LOVE, on the I in ME we LOVE our SELF to BE. Thus BE the YOU, YOU LOVE instead of who ya don’t.

Soooo simple and sooooo TRUE.

So……what are your 5 statements?
****By the way……..YOU CAN change up, add to, play around with an INFINITE number of Positive statements about YOU daily, hourly, annually, monthly,……ALL~ways, so BE Creative, get playFull and enJOY. 😉

Try it for a week…every morning think of  5 focus statements for the day and then see how your day goes, and Please DO let me KNOW by sharing a “comment”. 😉



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