I AM BLISSed to introduce Holistic Nutritionist, Kelly Cornell

Full Spectrum Nutrition

In December of 2010 I found mySELF openly receiving a plethora of opportunities for free nutritional consultations. Providing nutritional guidance mySELF, as part of the WHOLEistic Wisdom and Wellness enLIGHTenment Guidance I so DO, for our Angel Partners [clients], I felt a bit greedy in taking up anyONE on such an offer until….

It dawned on me, we are going to BE opening up our virtual store fronts and having a professional dedicated full time to nutritional consulting/coaching as ONE of the services available, a PURRRRfect fit to that which we ALLready have “in stock” 😉 Including of course, the fabYOUlous Nutritional Program Package I have prepared for the BEnefit of ALL of WE 😉 Sooooo exciting, indeed!

And with that inspiration, I was off upon my nutritional consultant journey. I should make mention, as it IS Very Important to note, regardless of yOUR level of KNOWledge, experience, Awareness, or professionalism, we ALL, ALLways have something to learn from anyONE we come into contact with, consciously aware thereto or not, and I knew without a doubt, that this journey would definitely BE an enLIGHTening ONE for me. I set up appointments with the nutritionists I found most appealing and then waited excitedly for the experience itSELF. They were ALL set up withIN a week of each other so the comparative analysis was much easier, as my experience with each, remained fresh withIN my Mind.

The first nutritionist I spoke with was sweet, kind and very focused on “making the sale”.

Obviously, the gift of a free consult on the part of the nutritionists was to give the potential client an opportunity to “try them out” and hopeFully CHOOSE to continue their nutritional journey with them on a more regular basis, going from potential to actual client, or “Angel Partners” as we prefer here at Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary…..and so humbled the honour to journey are we, with each of our Angel Partners!

The second nutritionist I spoke with was also, sweet and kind, AND…more giving of her self, time and nutritional information than the first. She also seemed to BE more connected and experienced within her industry, having some well KNOWn associations she sited and used herSELF. Like I said earlier, we ALL have something to learn, ALLways, and those of us whom offer professional services such as nutritional consultation or WHOLEistic enLIGHTenment Guidance have themselves guides and consultants to assist, uplift, empower and enLIGHTen them ? We ALL deserve LOVing care and assistance in our lives, n’est ce pas.

Kelly Cornell, CHHC, AADP

Then it was time for my third and final appointment with holistic nutritionist, Kelly Cornell, and I was just FLOORED, she was that AMAZING!

At the end of my phone calls with the first two nutritionists I thanked them sincerely for their energy in providing this opportunity to me for the free consult, and told them each that I would ponder upon the package offerings to journey further with them.

I never even made it to package offerings with Kelly!!

First, she was sooooooo informative, I mean from BEginning to end, she wasted no time in getting right down to MY issues, and providing me as much information, resources and tools as she could, which she KNEW would BE of assistance to me….and she KNEW A LOT! The information just kept streaming and streaming in, Kelly even went so far as to extend the information provided from her own professional advise to specific websites of others, where I could go and get actual products that would BE of assistance.

Not to say the other two did NOT provide information, they did, but it was sooooooo limited – one more than the other, and came only after they had taken most of the time allotted to tell me ALL about themselves.

Second, AWARE this woman IS, like WOW! Okay, so understand, she IS talking to ME…..and WE ALL KNOW how I AM…..very esoteric, spent the last 20 years of my life dedicated ALLmost exclusively to Ontological pursuits for the BEnefit of ALL of WE, extremely conscious of WHOLEistic Wellness- physical, mental, spiritual, AND not only was she not intimidated or put off by me, she was RIGHT ON PAR!! I mean she was able to talk “my lingo” and more over fully comprehends the intricately interwoven relationship between the physical and the esoteric, the seen and the unseen, the body, mind and consciousness. Did I mention, Kelly IS a HOLISTIC Nutritional Coach! Ya babay, that’s what I AM talk’n about!!!

ALL I’m think’n in my head as the conversation continues IS, “I’ve struck Gold!!! This woman IS AMAZING!!!”

I simply could NOT resist, and BEfore we ever got to the stage of “if YOU are interested in…..” it was ME asking Kelly, “if YOU are interested in……”, I mean really when ya strike gold, DO YOU wait around contemplating whether or NOT YOU should take it???!!!!

I was BEyond BLISSed by Kelly’s very receptive response ?

We exchanged more information for each of us to go and peruse, and BEcome that much more acquainted and familiar with each other and the creatives [work] we DO. We set up an appointment to confirm what we both ALLready knew! This was gonna BE a most ONEderFull relationship for each of WE for the BEnefit of ALL of YOU!


Ya simply don’t get much better than that, NOW DO ya??!!!

Okay so, obviously, can YOU tell???, I’m quite excited, and though our store IS in pre-construction, I simply couldn’t wait to introduce YOU to Kelly and ALL the Amazing programs and packages she has available to assist YOU to BE the Healthiest YOU, YOU can BE!

The first place ya wanna visit IS of course, Kelly’s nutritional wellness website.

Then…..we can really get the party started on our journey to LOVing the body we are in and having the Body we LOVE with Kelly’s:

One on One Coaching, for those seeking a very personal, in-depth, professional, informed, & KNOWledgable touch from a very fabYOUlous nutritionist.

Group Weight Loss Coaching for those who enJOY journeying in the company of others upon similar pathways, and sharing withIN the successes of ONE another together.

Get Your Dream Body in 90 Days or Less Program, for those seeking a pre-defined very expedient route to attaining yOUR Dream Body.

and last but definitely not least,

16 weeks to a slimmer YOU Program, for those seeking to lose weight at a healthy rate within a well supported environment, garnering all the tips, tools and resources required to ensure enduring results for a life time.

Please DO come back here and let me & ALL of WE KNOW, how fabYOUlous yOUR experience with Kelly IS. We look forward to hearing from YOU and thank YOU for sharing withIN yOUR experience of BEingness 😉

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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