How to manifest consciously


Our Conscious Awareness focuses upon ONE THOUGHT at a time.

We ALL have thoughts that we don’t really like from time to time…..NO Thought IS OURS even if we are thinking it, until we CLAIM it as our own.

If ya don’t like a thought YOU are having, refocus yOUR attention onto ONE that YOU DO like.
It’s ALL about how we are FEELing…..sooooo…..CHOOSE thoughts that make ya FEEL GOOD :)

What IS “IT”?
“IT” IS Life, what we CREATE, Manifest in our lives, our very experience of BEingness……..
“IT” ALL depends upon HOW WE ARE FEELING.

Depending on whether or not YOU are in a good mood or bad mood, will affect the CHOICEs YOU make and the ACTions you take, which will ultimately affect what IS manifest in yOUR very experience of BEingness.

How we are FEELing depends upon which THOUGHTs we are CHOOSing to entertain.

Keeping in MIND, we tend to entertain ONE Thought at a time.….which then promotes certain FEELing with respect thereto, setting the mood or stage for which ACTions we will BE motivated to take, and KNOWing we have the FREE WILL to CHOOSE which thoughts we shall entertain……..if there IS a thought that is coming to Mind that IS NOT making YOU feel good………simply CHOOSE a new one.

I KNOW……there are times when things around YOU are NOT going well, something IS happening that IS undeniably negative…..and YET……though what YOU may see IS seemingly negative, it IS ONLY ONE thing that YOU are seeing……..ONE thing in an experience of INFINITE things……with INFINITE meanings, definitions and labels BEing affixed to them by…….YOU.

For example: someone IS having financial problems or health problems…….it IS very easy to focus upon these “problems”…they are clearly evident in our experience….BUT….so too are a plethora of other things, including those going on, on levels YOU may have absolutely no awarenss to whatsoever. The very things that may very well completely transform what YOU once saw as a negative into a positive.

If YOU are focusing on yOUR BLISSings, on the GIFTs YOU DO have in yOUR life, YOU can NOT BE focusing on the negatives.

In CHOOSing to focus on the GIFTs YOU are DOing two things:

1. sending forth intentional and greatFull energy into the universe to attract back to YOU more gifts for which YOU shall BE grreatFull: cause & effect of energy….which IS ALL that we are and ALL that IS…….law of attraction.

2. setting the mood withIN yOUR own BEingness to take ACTion that IS uplifting, assisting, emPOWERing and enLIGHTening to yOUR experience of BEingness, which WILL inevitably BE helpFull, as opposed to the alternative, stewing in a stagnant brew of stench which gets ya no where but smelly!

Focusing on the POSITIVE DOes NOT deter the negative from BEing dealt with, it DOes NOT mean that YOU are ignoring the situation, or that it will get worse…….the situation IS the situation, if YOU are living it, it’s there…focusing on the positive will empower YOU to come up with positive ways, ACTions YOU CAN take to deal with it………and thus make the situation better.

Try it out…..
Next time YOU are having a yucky thought……..

1st: AcKNOWledge it.
2nd: AcKNOWledge that it IS NOT yOURs…do NOT own it.
3rd: USE it… a catalyst to get YOU to a thought YOU DO like…….
4th: Release the negative thought in lieu of a HAPPYer thought.
5th: Relish in the HAPPY thought, expand upon it, submerge yOUR SELF within it.

Repeat as necessary :)

Radiating LOVE,

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