Happy New Manifesting Moon

Self Affirmation Statements

TODAY…ALLOW yOUR SELF to WHOLLY delve into BEing [thinking, feeling] the SUCCESSFull realization of yOUR desires, goals, objectives for SELF.

The New Moon [in Capricorn, today @ 1:06pm eastern], IS an opportunity to ignite the spark that shall BE realized upon the Full Moon in Capricorn in approximately 6 months.

TODAY….BE Consciously Aware of YOU….yOUR thoughts, feelings, and overall state of BEing.

A quick explanation and example of “How To”:

If yOUR desire IS to BE Healthy- TODAY….on this New Moon, ALLOW yOUR SELF to BE in a state of mind, thought, and feeling that IS Healthy.

ALLOW yOUR SELF to think thoughts of yOUR SELF BEcoming more and more healthy until YOU are at Maximum Optimal Health.

ALLOW yOUR SELF to imagine the cells of yOUR body, RIGHT NOW, DOing ALL they can to get YOU to this Maximum Optimal state of Health.

ALLOW yOUR SELF to FEEL that yOUR body IS a HEALing Power House right NOW……BEcome a HEALing Power House…..even if yar feel’n yucky and gross…..ALLOW yOUR SELF to feel that ALL the cells of yOUR body are taking care of that yucky and gross feeling 😀

ALLOW yOUR SELF to focus on those cells that ARE feeling Healthy NOW.

This translates into anything from relationships to money, life purpose to childhood dreams, DOing well in school, business, etc…

TODAY give yOUR SELF the Gift of BEing in a state that IS where YOU want to BE. 😀

For today, put aside your worries, stresses and strains, and ALLOW yOUR SELF to BElieve that everything IS really going to BE okay, in fact, not just okay but fabYOUlous.

ALLOW yOUR SELF to BE Happy, GrrrreatFull, Excited, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Inspired, LOVE. 😀

Blissedly BE
Creative energy IS sent forth bathed in LOVE’s Light manifesting only that which IS of our HIGHest HAPPYness and so DOing in smooth ease, exponentially expanding in magical marvelousness.

Radiating LOVE,

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