Feeling the Good, Manifesting the Good

focused creation

GOOD things are a brewing 😀
Can YOU feel it…..

ONEderFully enough…YOU can let yOUR SELF feel whatever YOU want to feel. 😀

Sooooooo, let’s DO it!!
Let’s throw our analytical, worrisome, 3-D Minds into the winds of LOVE’s embracing Light and jump, Hearts FULLy open, into the orgasmic ecstasy of our quintessential, physically manifest oscillating vibrations of LOVE’s BLISSFull Creations.

Take a moment right NOW…

Release ALL thoughts of what if’s, and’s, not’s or but’s, all thoughts regarding what is not done, what needs to get done and simply breathe.

Release and breathe.
**To release these thoughts, our minds may require that we simply acknowledge what requires our attentions, assuring self that we will take care of them once we are done with the following ACTivity.

Focus on your breathing, it’s sound, speed, depth. Allow your focus to follow your breath through your body and back out again.


Focus now on something that you would like to have in your life, something you look forward to experiencing in your life.
Allow your mind to wander therein, to expand upon your thought, increasing the detail as you go.
Continue to build upon this thought to include other things you would like to experience in your life.

Come back to focusing on the breath, inhaling and exhaling in conscious awareness.

Bringing self back to the visualization this time with directed intention to put forward the energy of manifestation into the visualization.

Inhaling the energy of allowance for the manifestation to occur.
Exhaling the understanding that the manifestation already IS and what IS may look slightly different than what you think it does.

Inhaling Gratitude, Exhaling Love, Inhaling Love, Exhaling Gratitude and back to Focused Breathing.


***Special Note***
Whilst the author, Roni Lipstein, BElieves we have an innate power through our focused attention to physically manifest anything we desire and require at will, with the appropriate practise of said focused attention, until such time as we have such appropriate practise, it IS strongly advised after pARTicipating in such manifesting ACTivities to Pay Attention and BE Aware of that which comes yOUR way.
Often times opportunities present themselves which we may, due to lack of focused attention, pass us by.
We are co-creators.
We ask for something to be made manifest, and sometimes that something requires that we are paying attention to notice that it is, when it is. Indeed, sometimes that recognition requires ACTion BE taken.
So pay attention, be aware and if and when called to action, Act. Act in grace, gratitude and love.

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