What IS this thing “detachment” we hear so often in ‘Spiritual’ circles, from SELF help gurus, yogis, therapists, and business tycoons alike??

Detachment IS when we ALLOW SELF to BE the infinite consciousness that IS the ALL, which expresses itSELF individually through each of WE.

It IS BOTH when we ALLOW SELF to BE the conscious objective observer of SELF in our every day situations AND….of our THOUGHTs.

Try DOing so today, right NOW….here are some tips to assist YOU:

Okay sooooooo to BE the objective observer of yOUR daily life situations, whilst pARTicipating thereIN, ALLOW yOUR SELF to observe the situation as though watching a movie…the movie of YOU.

This DOes incorporate a little conscious awareness on yOUR part – ONEderFull how that IS exactly what it IS we are attempting to hone our skills at so DOing. 😀

Okay so let’s break this down.

We tend to divide our attentions upon multiple things in any given situation, and more often than not, the attention these multiple things receive IS well BElow conscious awareness. When we are BEing the objective observer, instead of speeding up into hyper drive, or drifting off into la la land, we are CHOOSing to BE consciously present in our situation whilst pARTicipating withIN it. We are, like a private investigator, paying attention and BEing Aware of the details of any specific situation from a position of detached objective consciousness…no judgment….just observation.….and not just of the situation, surroundings or other people involved, we are paying particular attention to SELF.

This translates into so DOing with our thoughts…….n’est ce pas.
This complete and utter shift in our experience of life itSELF ALL BEgins withIN the Mind.

Having said that, in order that we are able to BEcome the detached observer, we need to detach OWNERSHIP over our thoughts, as we would so DO when watching a movie or objectively observing our SELF in ACTion.


This IS NOT a relinquishing of power.…in fact it IS quite the opposite, it IS an emPOWERing position to BE in, for it IS a position from which YOU may take a more “global” view, a more RESPONSIVE as opposed to reACTive position.

When we relinquish ownership over our thoughts we then give our SELF the “Space” or “Stillness” as we often hear it spoken of, to make the Consciously Aware CHOICE as to whether or not we would like to ACT on those thoughts, follow those thoughts, ALLOW SELF to feel the emotions that arise BEcause of those thoughts.

In so DOing are we able to make the Consciously Aware CHOICE to align our thoughts, our Mind withIN our Hearts of Unconditional LOVE and voila…..we are walking aware BEings of LOVE’s Light…..we are “Humans BEing LOVE”.

**Did I mention…..we are NOT these vessels we call bodies or these thoughts we call our mind……..
WE ARE infinite Light, energy, consciousness, unconditional agape LOVE, we are ONE with ALL that IS, ever was, or will BE and it IS this current transcendence – this quickening of our quintessential vibrational frequency which we are ALL experiencing that IS ALLOWing for our TRUTH to TRUEly BE experienced.

Radiating LOVE

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