Creative Visualization for transcending fear


Sometimes “Facing our Fears” entails nothing more than ALLOWing our Minds to PONDER there upon. Playing out in our heads the scenario of that which we are fearing, and, when we get to where it ALL would usually ‘fall apart’, where we would BEcome consumed by our fear, we CHANGE it to BE OKAY.

Just a simple little MENTAL ACTivity.

See BElow for a couple of examples. 😀

1. K, so YOU may have a fear of spiders.

Sooooo, instead of sticking yOUR SELF into a room full of them or getting yOUR SELF knee dip in a vat of them, close yOUR eyes and imagine YOU and a spider coming ‘face to face’ as it were…..perhaps the spider IS crawling up yOUR leg, or sitting on yOUR hand.

Just IMAGINE it.

Remember it’s ALL PRETEND….NOTHING IS happening in yOUR physical environment…….it IS NOT REAL.

Maintain yOUR breathing…..KNOWing YOU are ALLOWing yOUR SELF to play out this fear in yOUR MIND.
Anytime YOU DO feel yOUR SELF slipping into fear’s consumption, come back to yOUR focused breathing.

Okay, back to our scenario.

Making Friends with Spiders. :D

Sooooo, ya see the spider…..NOW…where YOU would otherwise start to panic due to fear ridden thoughts [likely based upon some horror story YOU heard as a young child or experience YOU had/saw] CHANGE it up….make the spider animated, in so far as it can NOW TALK…..kinda like the spider in “Charlotte’s Web”, 😀 the children’s story.

And the spider IS really nice. It explains that it IS only climbing on YOU to get to its destination…….it didn’t realize that it was so disturbing to YOU, apologizes and gets off.


Try a more realisitic envisionment:

The spider IS near YOU…..YOU see it…..and instead of panicking YOU simply SEE IT.
Look at it.
Watch it as it goes about its business, as it intricately designs its BEaYOUtyFull web and YOU are merely observing another life form upon our Earth School.
Simply BE withIN the company of a spider.

In either scenario, ALL YOU are DOing IS…
ALLOWing for the potential.
ALLOWing for the possibility of said scenario.
ALLOWing for yOUR FEAR to BE played out in a SAFE way, in a way that IS fulfilling yOUR HAPPYness instead of feeding yOUR ILLUSORY based Fear.

Another example:

2. Fear of BEing alone……

A lot of individuals have an AWEsome fear of NOT BEing in a relationship….so much so that BEfore they have even ended ONE they are ALLready BEginning another, and NOT necessarily with ONE with whom they TRUEly harmonize.

We can see how this can BEcome a horribly dizzying merry go round ride, n’est ce pas??

Going from one ill matched relationship to another, ‘cuz we are never giving our SELF the opportunity to actually welcome a relationship, a BEing into our lives with whom we TRUEly DO harmonize.
NOT a GOOD thing…….

Alone and LOVing it*

Okay then, let’s VISUALIZE our fear.

Keeping in mind that 1. we are visualizing and 2. what we are visualizing here IS NOT a permanent state of BEing….in fact if it makes ya feel better, YOU can put a little time frame on it….let’s say YOU are single for a YEAR….yup…..a whole year.


What DOes that even mean????
Are any of we TRUEly alone?
We DO afterALL exist in this world with 6.8 billion people, soooo what DOes that mean…….
Kk, yes, I got distracted by the ontology of “aloneness”….back to our Visualization. 😀 hee hee

YOU go home to a quiet house…’s NOT empty as people like to say, ‘cuz I trust ya got some furniture in there and other basic necessities, n’est ce pas?
YOU don’t have another body in bed with YOU, another BEing to keep YOU company….outside of yOUR SELF that IS.

WOW……..YOU have yOUR SELF to keep YOU company.
Okay then…..let’s spend some time with “ME”, with “I” and see how that goes.

Here YOU are, BEing with SELF……what DO YOU want to DO?
NO ONE IS watching, listening, looking, hearing…..what DO YOU want to DO with YOU?

WOW….what a concept……YOU getting to DO just what YOU want to. 😀

See yOUR SELF in yOUR life, NOT in a relationship….getting together with yOUR friends, family, going to work, creating, playing, BEing.
Ensure in this Visualization ACTivity, YOU are making the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to see yOUR SELF in these Scenarios HAPPY.
CHOOSing scenarios PurposeFully in which YOU ARE HAPPY BEing ALONE……not just Happy but GrrreatFull for the time YOU have to BE with SELF.

For example, having a nice long nap, writing, painting, going for a walk, meditating, dancing, visiting a museum, going to a movie, traveling, etc…

ALLOW yOUR SELF to see yOUR SELF ‘alone’ And……FULL of HAPPYness.
ALLOW yOUR SELF to see how well YOU are DOing.

Where the fear arises, CHOOSE to CHANGE the SCENARIO, CHANGE yOUR Perception of it, to ONE in which YOU are taking advantage of this opportunity to BE with the ONE person in this world with whom YOU are committed to BE with for the rest of yOUR life, every day, ALLways……………….YOU* and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE’n it.

Remembering ALL the while…..ALL YOU are DOing IS contemplating a scenario in yOUR MIND. Finding joy in BEing ‘alone’ does NOT preclude you from enJOYing BEing in a relationship, in fact it only ACTs to strengthen any relationship you are in.

Go ahead,

Radiating LOVE,

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