Conscious Mantras of Manifesting Marvelousness


“My thoughts CREATE vibrations.

These vibrations attract back to me that which IS aligned thereto.
I AM therefore the CREATOR of my experience of BEingness.
I CHOOSE to think thoughts that are uplifting, assisting, empowering & enLIGHTening to my experience of BEingness.
I CHOOSE to think thoughts that are propelled by my TRUTH, by my Heart, by LOVE.

I AM a Divine BEing of LOVE’s Light.”

We ALL have Negative thoughts, as we have ALL BEen conditioned by fear to BElieve that we are somehow less than or not enough, when we are, EACH and EVERY ONE of WE the HIGHest of HIGHs that we are ALLways seeking to BE….it IS simply that we have lost sight of this reality.

We are ALL Energy.

We are ONE.
We are connected to ALL that IS, ever was or will BE, we are connected to each other, we have ALL the KNOWledge we seek withIN us, for we are ONE with ALL.

We are LOVE.

There IS nothing we DO NOT KNOW.
There IS nothing we need to learn.
In fact it IS that we need to UNLEARN that which has BEen a collective conditioning of utter illusion.
It IS that we need to surrender to TRUTH, this AWEsome and yet simple TRUTH that we need NOT go on a search or journey a discovery to “find the Light” BEcause,


It IS that we need to simply recognize, accept, embrace, acKNOWledge, emBODY who we TRUEly are.
ALL we desire and require comes from our own SELF Directed focus – which creates a vibration, a frequency that is emitted out from us into our surrounding and ripples out from there into the sea of all.

When we have negative thoughts, these are our OPPORTUNITY to heal not only SELF but ALL of WE, for in facing these fearFull thoughts and tracing them back to their illusory roots, we are able to release them and ALLOW SELF to BE the Light of LOVE we are and as we are ONE, we so DO for ALL.

KNOW the POWER YOU wield withIN yOUR BEingness…..even IF the negativity abounds, DO YOU have the POWER to transform, transcend the fear by simply having a conversation with SELF.

“I CHOOSE my thoughts.
My Thoughts CREATE my life experience.
I hear the negative thoughts, but these are NOT Mine, these are NOT Real, these are imprints of fear based conditioning.
I CHOOSE to tell mySELF, to reMIND mySELF of my Divinity, of that which I want to BE, I CHOOSE to BE, I AM.
I AM a Divine BEing of LOVE’s Light and ALL that I desire and require IS provided to and taken care of for ME by my energy of LOVE”

BLISSedly BE Sweet Earth Angels Divine
My ONEderFull Universal Family
Each of WE reflections of ONE another,
Each of WE ONE with each other and ALL that IS
Each of WE, TRUEly, Each Other :)

_()_ In Lak’ech Ala K’in _()_


****Special Note****
Conditioning has BEen going on for CENTURIES….MILLENIA in fact…….there may BE times that YOU are bombarded so WHOLLY by the negativity [it IS abounding in our surround though…. the scales they are-a tipp’n into TRUTH ] that we can’t seem to find a way out……
do NOT BE hard on SELF…….
YOU WILL get out…….thoughts are transient, they come and they go as DO the moods they produce.
Honour these instead of becoming consumed by them, trying to hide away from or repress them, for THEY ARE OPPORTUNITIES to let go and surrender into the Light of LOVE of our Truth.
as was DOne with us, with our conditioning……Creatures of Habit are WE and we simply need to “Break the Bad Habits”……to Unlearn the illusion that we may embrace and emBODY the TRUTH we ALL KNOW intrinsically within the quintessential core of our BEing. :)
_()_ BLISS _()_
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