Wanna KNOW a secret???

There IS NO Identity, NO Reality that IS TRUEly “Real”…


….soooo let’s make it MAGICAL!

Everything IS a projected assembly of molecular structure, energy, with the physically manifest BEing the LAST STAGE thereof. It starts withIN SELF.


**When YOU have the CHOICE between thoughts that make ya feel ONEderFull and those that bring ya down…..CHOOSE the ONEderFull.

**When YOU have the CHOICE to set forth yOUR intention for the day, CHOOSE to make it ONE that IS supporting yOUR desires, yOUR mind set, yOUR emotional health, as opposed to ONE that is NOT.

**When YOU have the CHOICE to attribute meaning and interpretation to yOUR life experiences, to that which YOU both pARTicipate within as well as pay witness to, CHOOSE the meaning/interpretation that IS uplifting, enLIGHTening, and empowering instead of one that IS demeaning, infuriating or insulting.

**When YOU have the CHOICE to BE LOVE instead of ACTing through fear, CHOOSE LOVE.

hmmmmmmmmm seems to me these are choices we ALLways have…..look at that! and no ‘hocus pocus’ required…..WOW!


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Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, Roni.   Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni »» Get in Touch TODAY «« Follow us on Twitter: @radiate | @ArtWave | @BeingLoveTV

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