CHOOSE to Rise Above the Fear

Radiating loves light

We have come globally, the majority of our Universal Family members, to where we are living our lives based upon FEAR. This fear based living IS a result of illusory conditioning, telling us that we need to live up to certain external barometers of BEingness. These external ILLUSORY barometers do NOT speak to or define our TRUTH. They are neither uplifting, emPOWERing or transcending of our Quintessential nature, but in fact, quite the opposite thereto.

We come to our Earth School, Divine BEings of radiating Light, only to, in the last millennia, have that Light BE doused, in any number of demeaning, disrespectFull, and detrimental ways.

Let us NOW CHOOSE to rise out of and above the conditioning of the ILLUSORY FEAR based chains of our collective imprisonment, and embrace the TRUTH of WE, BEings of LOVE’s Light. Let us let go of our FEARs and WELCOME in our TRUTH, stepping into the fabYOUlousness of our inherent nature and CHOOSing to BE the Lights of LOVE WE ALL are, ALLways 😉

Let’s ride the wave of LOVE TOGETHER!

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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