BEfore ACTion…


YES!  Everything IS ENERGY,
including our thoughts and feelings,
at Every step of the way along the pathway to our expressed BEingness we have the CHOICE to or not to ACT.

We have OVER 65 000 thoughts coursing through our minds each DAY. [75% at least are repeat from previous days]

No-ONE else hears our thoughts but us, at least not upon our [majority’s] current dimension of consciously aware reality. Granted there IS much many of WE need NOT hear to KNOW, however, there IS definitely NO questioning that ALL whom are in our presence are most certainly experiencing our manifest ACTions.

Which of yOUR 65 000+++ thoughts are YOU CHOOSing to ACT upon and thus directly affect the lives of others in yOUR surround??? Are they based upon and withIN LOVE?

It IS afterALL a CHOICE, n’est ce pas?

Indeed, BEfore we even get to ACTion CAN we make the CHOICE, whilst we are contemplating, entertaining and focusing our attentions upon certain thoughts, to CHOOSE ONEs that are based upon and withIN LOVE.

Can this BE a difficult thing to DO?

Ummmmmmmm, YA!
Habitualized Conditioning.

Can we DO it?
Ummmmmm, TOTALLY!

Sure, it takes practise, patience, dedication, devotion and commitment.
Sure, we may hafta DO, DO, DO it over, and over, and over again and then, when we think we’ve mastered the Mind, find out, that, yup….we gotta DO it yet again.

And ya KNOW what???
When ya DO, DO it….when ya DO, make the CHOICE to realign yOUR mind, retrain yOUR brain, refocus yOUR attentions onto thoughts that are based upon and withIN LOVE, YOU feel 1000% better than YOU otherwise would have and ya KNOW what’s MORE???

ANY with whom YOU are interACTing are BLISSed by yOUR so CHOOSing as well, and thus, any whom they may interACT thereafter, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Amazing……..AND….TRUE!  yOUR ONE little CHOICE has EXPONENTIAL Affect!

DO yOUR SELF the favour, the honour, the Greatest ACT of LOVE there IS and DO, DO, DO whatever it IS YOU CAN to make the CHOICE to base yOUR ACTions withIN LOVE for the BEnefit of SELF and ALL of WE.

Radiating LOVE,
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE

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