Are YOU ready?


THE KEY to it ALL….

Are ya ready???

WE CAN look upon ANYthing from an infinite number of perspectives, interpretations, view points, and thus attribute an equally infinite number of feelings, which motivate and inspire an equally infinite number of ACTion responses…..and THIS…THIS and this ALONE determines our very experience of BEingness.

What CHOICEs are YOU making in how YOU perceive-receive-respond to yOUR experience of BEingness, to life, the situations and circumstances that YOU are encountering daily??

The VERY SAME thing can BE seen as BEing the BEST of the BEST and the WORST of the WORST…..the VERY SAME thing….and what IS the determining factor????


When YOU hear the saying “look withIN”, or “it ALL BEgins withIN” it IS this infinite CHOICE of interpretation that ALL refer to.
“It”, our experience of LIFE itSELF, really DOes BEgin withIN….whatever it happens to actually consist of… IS WE who determines the meaning of it, what it actually IS in our world, to us.

Here’s a fabYOUlous example, especially in our skewed economic world of today:

  • a woman in N. America living in the most expensive area possible in the biggest house on her street, with a thriving multi-billion dollar company, 100’s of employees, family, friends, and more variety, events, etc… than 100 people put together to choose from, can’t stand to look at herSELF in the mirror and feels disconnected, isolated and lonely more often than not.
  • a woman living in indo-europe in a small village made up of mostly mud & straw huts, who is one of a 100 who live in and support this small village daily, who has been, along with her village family, partaking in a new project to dig a well so they can all have clean running water, whose idea of “business” is the “business of survival”, feels like a Princess of the HIGHest Royalty.

Which ONE IS right?

It matters NOT YOU see, which YOU think is right or wrong….for it IS NOT YOU living their experience but them, and whatever it IS that they determine it to BE, by how they CHOOSE to perceive-receive-respond to it, IS what it IS for them, as IS yOUR life for YOU.

What CHOICEs are YOU making in the “How” YOU perceive-receive-respond to yOUR experience of BEingness???

Blissedly BE.
Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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