Announcing the NEW Masters Gathering 2012 with Harrison Klein*


My good friend Harrison Klein has done it again.

Announcing the NEW Masters Gathering 2012!

As YOU may KNOW, I LOVE Harrison Klein. I have writ about him, been inspired by his wisdom and had the pleasure of interviewing him on our BEing LOVE T.V. show, “Souls Talking Brain”. I have a deep respect for the heart that dwells withIN this BEing of LOVE’s Light.
What you may not know IS that I was first introduced to Harrison through the Premiere Masters Gathering Event and am so very blissed to be the first to tell you about his NEW Masters Gathering Gift.

And what an Amazing Gift it IS. It was the inspiration of this gift that got me to interviewing Harrison LIVE on BEing LOVE T.V.

Imagine having 30 of the world’s most powerful trainers, visionaries, healers and manifesters on your own personal mastermind team.

…There to help you see what is possible in your life.
…There to give you the tools to recreate the life you want.
…There to help you become the person you know you can be.

Incredible names like…

John Assaraf
John Demartini
Joe Vitale
Janet Attwood
Marci Shimoff
James Twyman
Sue Morter
Ann Taylor
Darius Barazandeh
Rikka Zimmerman
Norm Shealy
Burt Goldman
don Miguel Ruiz
and many more Harrison has pulled together

I am blissed to let you know about this unique event.
Have a look at what Harrison has done… and is offering you for free…

We all need to be looking for positive forces to be around and learn from.
And once again, Harrison has brought together this incredible team for…

The Masters Gathering 2012:

The Ultimate Transformation Experience

The best part?
Not only is it free… it also happens right at your own desktop or phone!!
You don’t have to travel… other than to pick up your phone.
…But not to be ignored.

I am proud of what Harrison has done here – and I know you will get the utmost of value in it, I did and I thoroughly enJOYed my experience whilst so DOing. 😀

I hope you accept my complimentary invitation to join this series of calls.

The full details are here:

See you there.
Roni Lipstein

PS: 30 of the world’s greatest Transformational Experts will be on these calls to help you create or recreate your ultimate life. It’s free. It’s delivered right to your phone. And it will be oh so powerful.


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