an WHOLEistic Affair

WHOLEistic SELF: We Are Multi Dimensional

BEing “Healthy” IS an WHOLEistic Affair with yOUR SELF!
YOU ARE a Multi Dimensional BEing.

YOU exist on the physical, mental, & spiritual planes…
YOU have external and internal systems, seen and unseen, KNOWn & unKNOWn and unto EACH must WE BE Giving LOVE WHOLEistically!

When I say I AM an “WHOLEistic Life Coach, an WHOLEistic enLIGHTenment Guidelight” it IS BEcause we are MORE than merely our bodies or our minds or our consciousness, we are ALL of these and ALL that IS and to care for SELF IS to CARE for ALL, IS to LOVE ALL.

YOU may NOT BE “in LOVE” with yOUR body, yOUR life, yOUR career, yOUR thoughts, feelings, but YOU MUST LOVE them ALL…..YOU MUST Provide the Caring, Nurturing, Nourishment that EACH requires……YOU MUST recognize the AWEsome, Miraculous GIFT that YOU ARE…….this IS STEP ONE in our Journey to LOVE SELF……and ultimately that IS WHY we are ALL here…..for in LOVing SELF, in BEing in LOVE with SELF we offer unto ALL, the I in ME we LOVE our SELVes to BE, the I in ME we are HERE to BE……and thus DO provide the greatest Gift to ALL that we are able to so DO.  This Gift, like ourSELVes IS multi-dimensional as well! First, we are giving our Greatest Gift, the best of “me” we are able to, to ALL.  Second, in so DOing, DO we give the gift of Reflection to ALL others and thus the permission to others to DO the same and LOVE them SELVes and BE the “best of me” they are for ALL of WE.  Third still, when we TRUEly LOVE SELF we recognize our TRUTH, for to TRUEly LOVE something IS to KNOW that which YOU are LOVing and in KNOWing SELF we come to the realized awareness that we are ONE with ALL others, and thus to LOVE SELF IS to LOVE ALL.

I AM here to provide a Guiding Light to ANY whom are so seeking to face the illusory FEAR Conditioning of our cultural socialization over the last millennia, and return to our natural embrace of SELF LOVE and thus LOVE for ALL.

If YOU are wanting, wishing, seeking to BE Happy in life, fulfilled, FREE of FEARs, and living life as intended to BE, in PeaceFull, LOVing Serenity, enJOYing a fabYOUlously Amazing Party’n Journey, Get in Touch with ME NOW!

YOU can book yOUR Personal Journeys with ME directly through:

roni [@] 1isall .com

and I CAN Guide YOU to that Reality!!

Get in Touch TODAY!
roni {@} 1isall .com

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, Roni.   Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni »» Get in Touch TODAY «« Follow us on Twitter: @radiate | @ArtWave | @BeingLoveTV

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