Allowing self to enJOY what IS good

Our body cells communicate with light here Nerve synaptic cells sending out light impulses

As we learn more we realize how little we actually KNOW….here is what we DO KNOW:

*our Thoughts and Feelings AFFECT our Manifested Reality.

Thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings puts us into a space where we

ALLOW SELF to enJOY that which IS…

Attitude of Gratitude Babay!
**When we allow self to enjoy what is in our life, when we look for the good that IS in our life, we are thus greatfull [YES! I misspell on purpose :D] for the gifts that are in our life.
This “attitude of gratitude” IS a vibrational frequency of light– as is everything. The light frequency is emitted by the individual experiencing the “attitude of gratitude”, in fact CREATED by the individual’s choosing to feel gratitude for that which IS in their life. This chosen and thus created frequency of light which is emitted by the individual into the sea of all, creates our physically manifest experience of life itself. And as the saying goes, like attracts like……or Light attracts Light ;D

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