Words of LOVE’s Wisdom GIFTed by Jason Mraz regarding Prop 8

Radiating LOVE with Roni Lipstein

Radiating LOVE with Roni Lipstein

It IS ALLways a treasure whence upon an adventure to discover gentle pearls of LOVE’s Wisdom so LOVingly displayed.

TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2010, entry by

Jason Mraz

from his blog site, Freshness Fator Five Thousand

10 Ways to Start Conversations About The Freedom To Marry

The passage of

Prop 8

put the security and freedoms of all Californians at risk by taking away fundamental rights from a minority. Continuing to raise awareness and sparking conversations about the issue is crucial as we move forward to experience Equality For All. You can help change hearts and minds by simply starting a conversation with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

Here are 10 ways to start conversations about the freedom to marry:
1. Think about it—what if you were told that you couldn’t marry the person you loved? How would that make you feel, or change your relationship, your future plans and your life? Worse yet, what if you got married, and someone tried to take it away?

2. Two people in a committed, trusting and loving relationship deserve the dignity and support that come with marriage.

3. People can have different beliefs and still treat everyone fairly. That’s why our constitution exists to protect everyone equally, including minorities.

4. It is a joy to see my son/daughter and his/her partner together and a part of our family. I wish those who voted for Prop 8 could understand how much it hurt our family.

5. Discrimination is wrong no matter who it affects. We must work together to fight against discrimination, wherever it appears. Today it’s marriage. What will be next?

6. Tradition is important in our family. That’s why we’ve invited our son/daughter’s partner to be a part of our family traditions and celebrations.

7. It is not for me to judge other people. Just because I disapprove of something does not mean that people’s rights should be taken away.

8. Many couples stay together for years and not only face discrimination, but many other challenges. In spite of these challenges, these couples remain courageous in the face of opposition and deeply committed to building happy lives together.

9. When gay and lesbian couples get married, they may finally be recognized as being part of the extended family. When the Supreme Court finally recognized their rights, many couples were surprised by how meaningful it was for their family members, too.

10. Domestic partnerships don’t provide the same security as marriage. They exclude people from marriage and create an unfair system that often does not work in emergency situations when people need it most.

See real differences between marriage and domestic partnership and learn more about the Conversation for Equality at letcaliforniaring.org

Everyone Deserves Music
Everyone Deserves Love
Everyone Reserves the Right to Express
The Light that They Are Made Of

-Jason Mraz,
Standing Up for Equality

Mr. Jason Mraz standing for LOVE

Mr. Jason Mraz standing for LOVE



in inspired humbled response to the BEauty Filled words of LOVE’s Wisdom;

Radiating LOVE

Radiating LOVE

Radiating LOVE said…

to add to any conversation piece:

at the end of the day, prop 8 boils down to putting constraints on, subligating, repressing, denying, insulting, denegrating,


So long as no one is BEing hurt, manipulated, cajoled or harmed in any way both towards SELF & others, expressions of LOVE are a NATURAL RESPONSE to ALL OF WE……….EVERY LIVING BEing….from flowers to the trees, the gorillas to the bees, the infants to the elders of all of WE……

Supressing LOVE only means one thing

CHOOSing the Illusory picture painted by FEAR

is it that those whom are voting Prop 8 are ready for ALL of WE to hear their Voice of FEAR and rise up to say,
“We hear YOU, it’s okay, YES, It’s really TRUE, We ALL DESERVE LOVE, even YOU!”

Well hahney, HEAR US, HEAR US ROAR!!!!
YOU ARE an Earth Angel Divine!

It IS that we ALL need to BEgin to LOVE SELF MORE WHOLLY ~ COMPLETEly, to SEE SELF from the vantage point that DOes see the ONEderFullness and BEauty Filled BEingness that is the “I” in “ME” that exists in and connects each of WE :)

Take a moment RIGHT NOW and just think about ALL the GOOD CHOICEs YOU HAVE MADE…..ALL the Positive things YOU HAVE ALLOWed entrance into yOUR life and yOUR experience of life.  Go on, look at the good stuff, allow yOUR SELF ~ if only momentarily, to see the GOOD ONLY~without giving ANY attention at all to anything else but the GOOD…………………

YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….FEEL it…………relish in it………….embrace SELF in the LOVE of it…………….


Blessedly BE
Radiate Soul Light
Radiate ONE LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni
In Lak’ech Ala K’in

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