[Video] Radiating LOVE with Roni Lipstein: Imagination is THE Key to Creation

Radiating LOVE w/ Roni Lipstein

Radiating LOVE w/ Roni Lipstein


Everything that IS BEgan with an Idea, a Notion, MIND PLAY ;~)

In order for something to manifest we must first have the AWAREness of its potential.
In other words it must FIRST exist within our MIND.

That which manifests externally, BEgins internally ~ as ridiculous as that may sound, as backwards as that may seem, it IS WE, who are directing EVERYTHING based upon where our MIND’s are focusing.

Join Roni as she adventures the journey through our Imagination, Our Mind’s Play and the Infinite Possibilities that ARE available to EACH of WE ;~)


Roni IS available for Public Speaking Engagements and Individual enLIGHTenment Guidance Journeys.
To book Roni for either a public speaking engagement or yOUR own personal enLIGHTenment Journey, get in touch with her directly through roni [at] 1isall [dot] com TODAY.

Blissings for yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness Manifest in our Eternal NOW, on every level of yOUR multi-dimensional BEingness.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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