Quotes of LOVE from Prem Rawat Maharaji, Rumi & Shri Hans Ji


“The purpose of your life is to know the divine and to experience the divine. Do not roam here and there.It is within you”
Shri Hans Ji Maharaji?

“You have within you more love than you could ever understand.
There is a place within each of us which is brimming over with love.
There is so much that if we take the water of all oceans on one side
and this love on the other, the ocean will fall short.
Sow the seed of love and you will be rewarded with the most incredible feeling of love
dancing in your heart.
When a human being is in love there is a fullness inside.
When a human being is content because they have felt the peace within them,
it surpasses all reasoned descriptions of heaven.
It dances on a person’s face, and it’s unmistakable, it transcends the barriers of language,
the barriers of culture.
Within you is all the love you ever feel.
This is the love of all loves.
Real love, the mind can not feel.
Real love can only be felt by the heart.
Never for a second to be separated from you.
Wherever you go, this love comes with you.
A love that is impartial does not look at age, does not look at habits.
Never a word of unkidness.
Never an inflection of disapproval.
No judgment. Not even for the blink of an eye.
Good, bad, dressed, undressed; beautiful, ugly
– all left behind.
This is true love.
Love not only makes the one who feels it feel good,
but all those who are around also begin to feel it.
If you only know how to receive love but not how to give it, you cannot love.
If you only know how to give love but not how to receive it, you cannot love.
You have to know both.
When you do, you will know what love is all about.
Love is what is important.
Love is what brings us together.
Love is not about lamenting.
Love is not about looking at the past -wondering how it could have been and how it wasn’t.
Love is not about the things that are not.
Love is about what it is, what is felt in the heart in this moment.
You love love. It’s a beautiful thing.
This is who you are.
And if you are going to love, then love the most lovable.
Love the one who can love you back unconditionally,
no strings attached – the ultimate lover who dwells in the stillness of your heart.
Fall in love for life.
There is a love inside of you that’s never going to fall apart.
It’s the most beautiful companion.
Always there.
Accept the moment called now and fall in love
with your breath,
because it is the most incredible instrument that is playing.
It brings you your life, it brings you your possibility,
it brings you the truest blessing
– and it brings you love.”
Prem Rawat, Maharaji?

“It was not into my ear you whispered,but into my heart
It was not my lips that you kissed, but my soul…….
If I could give you one thing in life,I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes;for only then, would you realize,how special you are to me” Rumi?

“Peace is a reality. The joy that is inside of you is a reality.
What do you need?
You need someone who can show you the way inside,
somebody who can put a mirror in front of you so you can see who you are.
This is about actually seeing. You can write a book about water or about a glass.
But the quenching of thirst is an experience that you have to have.”~~Maharaji?

“Don’t be sad any longer, your sadness is blasphemy,
…against the Hand of Splendor pouring you joy…
Why batter your head forever against the jail wall?
Look, the door has swung open to a rose garden.
A mystery of Light is melting the barred windows.” ~~Rumi?

“If you want to be in love, begin by loving each breath.
Begin by falling in love with understanding, with clarity, with the truest sincerity.
These are the angels in your life.
When all is dark, they come — all lit, graceful, beautiful with clarity.
One second of clarity, and all the darkness vaporizes.
Don’t try to remove the darkness—it won’t work.
All you have to do is usher in the light.
Fall in love with living.
Fall in love with that which is within you.” ~~Maharaji

“See what you have been given and you will be so grateful.
And you will be colored in that color, the color of gratitude.
Gratitude has a color, it’s a wonderful color, it’s transparent.
But it’s a color.
And I guess gratitude is the only transparent color there is.
Totally transparent. Makes you shine inside.
You know, you know, everyday of your life, you know. Let it be that” Maharaji

“Do you feel that breath sneaking in and out… you cannot control it…
Be in love with this breath.
Let it be like the first time you fell in love, so fresh, so alive.
You do not need to write “I love you” everywhere, on your towels, on your curtains, on the carpet, just feel it…it’s there.
This breath is a deep blessing.
What is it that prevents us from turning back into dirt?
It is this breath.” ~~Maharaji

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