Letting Go

Orgasmic Light of LOVE

Orgasmic Light of LOVE

Letting GO & Surrendering SELF to BE Submerged in BlissFull Serenity

Associating SELF with~~assuming the physically expressed identity of~~ the “HIGHest” within YOU, with the “I” in YOU, YOU LOVE yOUR SELF to BE.

KNOWing One’s Divinity…….One’s Connection to ALL, One’s Worthiness, Deservedness, BEauty, Miraculous Gift of BEing, allows ONE to CHOOSE to see the Positive in ALL else~ to seek out and find the GIFTs that exist in EVERY situation.

There seems to BE a Collectively held FEAR by the majority of our Universal Family members to wholly and completely embrace their “HIGHer~TRUE” SELF in naked~unmasked~transparent physical expression.

It would appear that we are ALL so afraid of BEing hurt by each others, we have ALL donned these extremely thick suits of armor to protect our SELVes.

The trouble IS, we got lost inside the armor.
We BEcame not only protective and defensively Aware, we BEcame the “defensiveness” itSELF.

We are NOT!

We have no need for defensive measures when we are BEing TRUE to our Nature.
When we are BEing TRUE to our nature, we are allowing for the HIGHest HAPPYness, the BEST scenario for ALL parties involved.

It’s a matter {pun intended} of CHOOSing which thoughts to focus YOUr Mind upon.
It’s a matter of CHOOSing what YOU want to think about.

It’s a matter of CHOOSing to think about what makes YOU Happy or sometimes, simply CHOOSing to NOT think about those things that make YOU UNhappy.

and…….for those moments when so CHOOSing may BE a little more difficult than others, CHOOSE to simply NOT THINK at ALL and focus on YOUr BREATH….
inhale slowly,
exhale slowly,
inhale through YOUr nose,
exhale through YOUr mouth,
inhale down to YOUr tummy,
exhale ‘til yar tummy is kissing yOUR spine,
inhale HEALing,
exhale WELLness,
inhale “I AM LOVE”,
exhale, “I LOVE:”,


love13BREATHE the Gift, the Miracle that is YOU.
We are LOVE, ALL of WE, EVERY single individual, human BEing IS LOVE.
Everything IS!


What a ONEderFull place to BE ?

Letting go of having to maintain control and power over every little detail of manifested, expressed BEingness.

KNOWing, our GREATest control and power is NOT at the final stage of manifestation but the FIRST stage, which occurs WITHIN SELF……
through our mind’s focus……
or even more aptly put,
through releasing our SELVes from our Mind’s focus completely and

simply CHOOSing to BE in the NOW, completely enthralled in the experience of our BEingness AS it happens, Allways, CHOOSing to BE LOVE.

CHOOSing to succumb in complete abandon to the bliss and blessing of BEing present, in LOVE, NOW.
KNOW SELF ~ Pay Attention to and thus Aware of SELF, BE…
***What DO YOU LOVE to DO?
***What makes YOU Happy?
***How can YOU CHOOSE to Perceive, Receive & Respond to a situation {any} in a way that allows for YOU to BE LOVE?

All ya gotta DO is answer these questions….

Take a moment right NOW, and just allow yOUR SELF whether through internal dialogue or writing, to see what flows forth from YOU when asking these questions of yOUR SELF.

The Gift in so DOing, asking the questions, receiving the answers, ALL to and from within SELF, and then……ALLOWing for the answers, the TRUTH of YOU to BE brought into manifestation physically,

YOU BEnefit ALL………
YOU are GIFTed FREEdom.

Freedom to just let go, surrender the need for power and control over all the minute details {in the external} and enJOY the ‘unfolding’ of life, KNOWing ALL the minute details WILL BE taken care of smoothly, easily, naturally, when YOU so DO ?

Letting Go in Bliss

Letting Go in Bliss

Freedom to ‘go with the flow’……follow yOUR Bliss……allow the world/life to present to YOU the opportunities to express yOUR Bliss, Happiness, LOVE’s Light and BE the YOU, YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE……..simply by BEing~ ?

When we let go of our need to control every situation, every detail….. life itSELF and instead allow life to take the lead, to unfold naturally, ~which we DO, by simply CHOOSing to BE a passenger, spectactor, or adventurer along for the journey~ the CHOICEs we make regarding what, how, when, where, & who to perceive, receive and respond to are ALLways for our HIGHest HAPPYness!


Letting GO is the MOST DIFFICULT and EASIEST thing we shall ever DO, it is a complete life change……and yet, is ALL within the power of one’s CHOOSing.

There are an infinite number of way of interpreting ANY situation in life…..none is more or less “right” as it is WE whom make them so in the first place…..we CREATE what is “right”, what is “less”, what is “good” and what is “bad” by our CHOSEn interpretation thereto.

CHOOSing to see from our conditioned perspective of negativity holds no greater weight in TRUTHFullness than CHOOSing to see from our DESIRED Perspective of Positivity and LOVE……..

Both perspectives are possible until we CHOOSE ONE and make it probable.
WE CHOOSE how to interpret our situations in life.

WE CREATE our life based upon how we interpret~perceive~think & receive~feel about our life and our responses~ACTions thereto…….


Just try it for a minute, an hour, a day………..

Give yOUR SELF Permission to “let go” of the negative view, voice, interpretation & perception~even momentarily, and “surrender” in completeness to the positive, better yet, surrender to simply enJOY the experience of BEing, the miracle that is YOU, that is Life itSELF.

Give yOUR SELF Permission to BElieve, if only momentarily, that EVERYTHING that happens within yOUR experience of BEingness is for yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness. Make this a mantra YOU repeat through out yOUR day, “everything is for my HIGHest HAPPYness”.

Allow the positivity and love to lather you in its BEautyFull ecstatic embrace.

Allow yOUR SELF to swim in the divinity of happiness,
and KNOW,
YOU CAN live here FOREVER…………
“here” is where YOU CHOOSE to allow yOUR Mind to focus…..

release into blissCHOOSE LOVE Angels,
WE ALL Deserve & are Worthy of BEing Happy!!!!

Together we can reinforce the Positive, we can Change our Universal Habit of CHOOSing to see through Negative eyes to seeing through LOVing Ones, by FIRST CHOOSing to so DO our SELVEs, each and every individual has this CHOICE. and this is what it means to “BE the Example”……

When YOU are the Example, YOU automatically spread the message, lesson, ‘show the way’, spreading the LOVE exponentially……..

It ALL BEgins with YOU,

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Blessedly BE
Radiate Soul Light
Radiate ONE LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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