Law of Attraction, Energy, Magic

Energy of ALL IS LOVE

Okay, so we all hear a whole lot about the law of attraction, energy, magic, & it all gets very “out there” for most of we.

So….if YOU will BE so kind, it will BE my humbled honour to attempt a little “grounding”:

in every moment of our life we CHOOSE HOW we are going to BE….happy, sad, patient, caring, compassionate, kind, angry, bitter, judgmental, angry, and……. these minute to minute CHOICEs that WE MAKE….that are IN OUR CONTROL & POWER affect the next minute to minute experience of our manifested life….

which in turn affect the next and so on and so on…..

NOW of course, we DO NOT, an isolated island exist as, and of course, there ARE OTHERS whom affect the manifested reality of our experience……HOWEVER…

…they DO NOT take away from OUR PERSONAL CONTROL & POWER over how we think, feel and in most areas in our world, ACT……..


This is the Magic, the Law of Attraction, the Energy CREATIONS to which ALL speak…….

THIS IS something that WE ALL HAVE INHERENT to our BEingness.……INTEGRAL to our very existence…….and it IS Magic……it IS POWER…….and it IS yOURs… Every NOW, ALLways!!!

If one little minute BEfore, YOU CHOSE to ALLOW SELF to express anger, YOU can in the very next instantaneous moment of BEingness CHOOSE LOVE……….just like that, voila……

ALL Changes!!!!

……even the others around YOU ARE affected!!!


Blissedly BE
the TRUTH of WE
Lights of LOVE
Earth Angels Divine
Radiating LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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