F^*K Up

We are so much MORE than that which we see...100 Trilion Cells of LOVE!

Okay okay, I get it, really I do, ya fu*&ed up completely…

…but…it’s ONE f&*k up, ONE mess in a Pool of INFINITE Fantabulousness.

We are sooooooo hard on our SELVes that the 1 or 2 minuscule things we did which we prefer we didn’t, we CREATE into the ALL that is WE.

We are sooooooo much more than the day to day physical ACTivities through which we explore this experience of BEingness we call Life.

There is so much more to BEing then that which we see.

Mistakes occur so we can learn.  What is a mistake today is the GREATEST Blessing, Opportunity, Gift tomorrow.

Perception is Key.

How we CHOOSE to think about, interpret and then feel about something affects how we shall respond and thus ACT physically to it.

Whatever YOU are perceiving in this NOW as BEing HORRIBLE…..I ask YOU, humbly and with great gentillity, to PLEASE, simply entertain the possibilities of WHY it may BE GREAT..just TRY.

Let me KNOW what happens when ya DO in the comments section BElow 😉

BLISSedly BE my Sweet Reflection
May yOUR gaze within the mirror of WE shine the Light on the LOVE that I see when looking upon yOUR majesty.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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