Euphoric Ecstasy

The Enchanting Euphoric Ecstasy of our FairyTale Fantasy Manifest

When we think about the past or the future, we are using our IMAGINATION.

The ONLY “reality” that we are ever experiencing IS within the very NOW of our experience. Sooooooo, when imagining our past and future, let us MAKE UP a Fairytale Fantasy of Ultimate BlissFull JOY.

Sure they might call us Crazy, let them!! Heck let’em call us Insane, what difference DOes it make if the life that we are experiencing is one of COMPLETE BlissFull Joy??!!??

Why WORRY about what others will think or say when we can take JOY along for the ride instead?

What purpose DOes it serve to BE in a state of anxiety over that which MAY BE when that which MAY BE IS INFINITE in possibilities? Why see life as very bleak when looking ahead, when we can CHOOSE to see a whirlwind fantasy of euphoric ecstasy, the CHOICE IS ours for the making…

The CHOICE IS OURs for the making!

Ya KNOW how ya ALLways hear how we should “find the balance”, “everything in moderation”, “don’t get yOUR hopes up”, yadda, yadda, yadda, well I’m here to say, INDULGE, INDULGE, INDULGE in the gleeFull, blissFull wild abandon of LOVE!


Here’s to ALL of WE living the FairyTale Fantasy of our Euphoric Ecstasy manifest in our experiential physicality & upon ALL levels of our multi dimensional BEingness, in our eternal NOW, ALL~ways.

BLISSedly mote it BE,
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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